Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hee Hee! Shaggy Green Golf Cake

my friend the shaggy green golf cake!

look at that lovely green buttercream grass...!

Oh this funny little Coco Cake specialty cake was a real chuckle for me to make. My bro-in-law Geoff and his girlfriend Monique requested a birthday cake for Monique's mom's birthday-- something golf themed. Immediately a comedy lightbulb went off in my head and I thought, what about a cake completely covered with "grass"... but with a smooth putting green with flag and teeny golf ball. I thought the cake turned out wonderfully surreal-- and Monique and Geoff are so awesome because when I told them my idea they immediately were like: "sounds great!! Let's do it!"

The cake was dark chocolate with green-grass-tinted vanilla buttercream and a Lindt dark chocolate ganache filling.

Really hoping more people will request the "shaggy" cake. Also was considering ONLY doing shaggy/furry buttercream cakes from now on... heh heh... Imagine a cake with that shaggy fur with an ANIMAL FACE on it? Hilarious!!!

Happy Birthday Monique's mom!! I hope the cake made it to Tofino in all of its shaggy glory!! :)


**:´¯`·­»N@n£imØ«­·´¯`·** said...

chocolate cake seemed pasture golf. a creativity that I like.
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athena-stars said...

seriously? i hate your cakes, and i hate you! you make me salivate all the way from Singapore knowing full well that i will never have the opportunity to taste the cakes!!! arghhh!!! lol

lyndsay said...

Thanks Wisata Riau.

Athena... thank you??? :)

Jennywenny said...

Very cute! I did a similar tennis one, super cute and super easy!

lyndsay said...

heh heh. thanks jenny!! i re-visited your tennis cake just now, adorable!!

doing "grass" all over is time-consuming and not so easy on the old "piping" wrist though... !

MizzJ said...

Heheheh so cute!

lyndsay said...

heehee! really i can't stop laughing about this crazy looking hairy cake! thanks mizzJ!! :)

ashley said...

i love this cake! so cute! might have to copy this one for my husband's birthday sometime!