Friday, June 18, 2010

Cookie Monster The Maniac

Piping away Cookie Monster's furry face and sides.


Happy Birthday Kingston!

Fondant eyeball!

Gimme gimme gimme a cookie after midnight

Fondant cookie with real chocolate chips.

Big old Cookie Monster Face cake by Coco Cake! I made this for baby Kingston's 1st birthday party, as ordered by his mama Theda. Matching mini cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in blue liners and rainbow sprinkles were also ordered but I forgot to snap their pictures! Cookie Monster is a 9 inch vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream tinted blue.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a Cookie Monster myself. Cookies are just so darn delicious, especially homemade ones minutes out of the oven... crisp on the bottom from butter and sugar, warm and dark chocolate chips still melty... sweet with a little bit of salt... Heaven.


Polly said...


Cassidy said...

you're insane .. all of your stuff is amazing .

faithy, the baker said...

sooooo cute!!! You did an wonderful job on this!

lyndsay said...

thanks polly!

thanks cassidy!!

thanks faithy!! :)

SweetThingsTO said...

so cute! I just love anything sesame street!

lyndsay said...

thanks juanita! :)

ahherh said...

oh my gosh your cookie monster cake is AMAZING!!!! how do you do the furry face so well? is there a machine you use or something?!