Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo-yah!! Happy Halloween Coco Cakers!

An adorable and fun last minute order from Andrea, ordered for her "moms and tots" Halloween bash. So cute. Andrea was hoping for a modern take on a Halloweeny-type cupcake... so we went with some jackolanterns and a clean, modern, white and ghosty look: white fondant "BOO" engraved cupcakes! The cupcakes were the ever-popular Brown Velour flavour -- dark chocolate cupcake with vanilla creamcheese frosting. My personal favourite. I could sit on the couch and hoover them if I let myself!! But I won't, gosh darnit.

This year I am so excited about Halloween day... I booked the whole day off so I could spend it with my niece and nephews!! I'm planning on making some wicked Halloween treats and then going trick-or-treating with them. Man I still remember the sheer excitement of Halloween when I was a kid. Months thinking about costumes, and finally the big day arrives... a parade in the school gym wearing your costumes, candy all day, rushing home after school wishing every hour would pass quicker so night would fall. An early dinner, then jackets on top of costumes and out the door! Hours later, a bag brimming with hard-earned Trick-or-Treat candy after a long cold night of knocking on doors (haha)... hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and fireworks in our backyard, a feeling of tiredness but still lingering excitement as you fall asleep, dreaming of all the candy you're going to stuff your face with tomorrow...!

...and... here is a picture of me from last year, with my little nephew Brody and little niece Kensie in their last year's costumes... heehee! Not to worry, two minutes later I had distracted Brody with Kensie's bumbleebee wings and he was as happy as

Happy Halloween everyone... hope you all have tons o' fun!

xo Lyndsay


faithy, the baker said...

such adorable cupcakes!! Aww..your little niece and nephew look soo cute! I want to hug them! He's not very happy being a fish..LOL!

{ Nina Designs } said...

They look so cute in their little customes!

Nohemí said...

Oooooohh!! I love the little bee, she looks so real!! And I'm sorry for little Nemo, but he'll enjoy after, sure!!

Nice cupcakes, too ;)

Pretty Poodle said...

Happy Halloween ! ´( ^ ᴥ ^ )`

Alanna S. said...

Oh no! Poor Nemo! Hopefully he got lots of candies.

Cute Hallo'ween cupckes!

I run for cake! said...

Beautiful Cupcakes! Happy Halloween!

lyndsay said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Nemo this year is a Green Dragon and Bumbleebee is a Dog... ^_^

KayB said...

Nawww poor Brody - but such a cute pic! And the cupcakes look amazing, great job

Leny said...

How lovely!!!


lyndsay said...

thank you kayB!

thanks leny!! &__&