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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes For River!

Some lovely, simple frosted dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and turquoise vanilla buttercream for River's birthday... man I love taking pride in frosting a cupcake. Cake-nerdy but true... and I couldn't help but plunk that vintage ballerina into a turquoise rosette buttercream quicksand for a photo! I LOVE that vase, bought it last year from Dahlhaus, a local Vancouver gal who does amazing ceramic work! My mom bought me those flowers... ^__^

Thanks Sarah for the order... and happy birthday River!

xo Lyndsay

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Little Cutie Birthday Parties

Yay kids! Yay kid birthday parties! Yay cool parents! Yay to all!

Aaro's 2nd birthday - construction themed! That little moustachioed construction worker is killing me. He's a cool guy. Thanks to Jenny for the construction-themed inspiration! And blue and green robot head? I made him for Fox's 1st birthday! I can't get enough of fun birthday orders like these ones. Thanks so much Andrea and Rachel for the awesome orders.

Happy 2nd Birthday Aaro and Happy 1st Birthday Fox!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Double Birthday Cuteness - Saya's 1st, Her Dad's 30th!

Tomo the cat cake and Funny Face cake!

Cake table loveliness!

Funny little wooden dude - one of Saya's favourite things!

Cake version!

Cake version of Tomo the cat!!! Oh, how I was chuckling away when making his crazed face.

Me trying to pet the real Tomo but him getting super mad at me! Still so cute!!! Oh well, I can always pet the cake version.

Cupcakes. Love the contrast of the bright red stand with the gingham blue liners... !

Lookit that face! HBD Saya!

Super cuted out cakes for super cute kid's parties? LOVE making cakes for them. Love it. Animal face cakes, especially. I'm thinking of only doing those for the rest of my cake-ing days.

It was my dear friend Miko's daughter Saya's first birthday party a few weeks ago... Saya's gotta be one of the cutest and funniest little babies I know. Her expressions are beyond bonkers... going from giggle-zone to stern frown in lightning speed... and whipping quickly to boogying chuckles back again! Saya's birthday happens to be the day after her dad Jason's birthday... pretty cute slightly belated birthday present for Jason one year ago, don't you think? A super cute baby? Yeah, pretty good present...!

Mom Miko asked me to make two cakes, plus cupcakes - the first cake for Saya based on this wacky little wooden toy she adores, and the second cake for Jason, based on their ADORABLE BUT CRAZY cat Tomo!!! Oh, I just want to pick up Tomo and cuddle him but I know he will tear my face into shreds if I do! He reminds me of my old cat Coco. Yes, I have loved the name Coco for years and years... ^__^

Saya's cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and Jason's cat cake was vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling and vanilla creamcheese frosting, and the cupcakes were the same flavour! I am LOVING those gingham bright blue cupcake liners!

Thanks Miko for the super fun order... and happy birthday to dear Saya!

xo Lyndsay

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright - Jackson's 1st!

Holy cuteness, tigerman. The adorable little baby Jackson turned 1... with cakes galore! Jackson's mom Grace contacted me months ago with a request: TIGER themed! Based on this really cute image she sent me of a tiger. So tiger cakes is precisely what I made! A super cute tiger cutting cake (based on the picture) and 48 matching tiger cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla flavours! I love the colour combination of orange and blue... so it made sense to do blue cupcake liners for maximum cuteness factor!

My favourite thing is when I get to meet the little buddies who I am making cakes for... and Jackson melted my cakey heart with cuteness! Happy happy birthday Jackson, and thank you Grace for having me be a part of his 1st birthday bash!

And speaking of babies... my sister Shelley had a baby girl on September 5!! Welcome to the world baby Brooklyn! I know you will be just as crazy-cute and hilarious as your big sis Kensie!

I'm now Auntie Coco Cake x 5!!!! That's a lot of kiddie birthday parties!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tanner's Hawaiian 1st Birthday Bash : PINEAPPLE HEAD CAKE!

Twins! Separated at birth! Just kidding Tanny!!

Tanner's cake table set-up!

Cupcakes by Coco Cake! And my cute little nephew Brody chowing down!

I made this banner... Tanner's Banners!

Aggghhh! Tanny, you crazy cutie!

Tanner with his big bro, and my sis Leanne (she's also pregs! Baby Factory!) and proud Papa Dan!

My favourite of the banners I made. PINEAPPLE DUDES


My hilarious, hefty and adorable little nephew Tanner turned 1 years old on May 15th! Since our family straight-up has Hawaii in our blood, my sis threw him a Hawaiian-themed 1st birthday bash! So cute! The party was documented beautifully by the incomparable and amazing Camille and Chadwick of Jonetsu Photography here in Vancouver.

Back to Tanner. I've always described him as a pale, gingery-brown haired little chubalub with an adorable Chinese face smack right in the middle! He is such a chuckling, good-natured, funny little guy. His hair has always had a mind of its own - he had a straight up fully natural fashion faux-hawk until his hair grew into the light orangey brown fashion plate haircut of late! It kind of looks like he's wearing a cute little wig... I love you Tanny!

For his Hawaiian themed party, I made coconut cupcakes with vanilla creamcheese frosting and toasted coconut, as well as lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. I also made a super kawaii cute banner for Tanner (yes, I know this rhymes) with little pineapple dudes... and a PINEAPPLE cake! With a face, naturally, of course. The cake itself was coconut flavoured. ^__^

So much fun! I just love Hawaii. It feels so similar to Vancouver in its diverse and open minded population... but in a tropical setting, of course. Love and shout-outs to Hawaii!

Happy Birthday Tanny!

Love, Auntie Lyndsay

gorgeous photography courtesy of Camille & Chadwick of Jonetsu Photography.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Caine's Owl In A Tree Birthday Cake!

Sweet Tracy emailed me to request a cute little cake for Caine's 1st birthday ... owlie! I adore owlie cakes so I was excited to create this. Dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant with owlie and tree design, with matching mini cupcakes, frosted with vanilla buttercream and dotted with rainbow sprinkles! Cute!

And a sweet little coincidence... on the same weekend, Caine's little cousin Juju got a Toy Story cake from Coco Cake as well, ordered by Lauren! Cuteness x 2.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coco Cake Recent Round-up: Birthday Orders For Young And Old(er!)

Recent birthday cakes flowing out of Coco Cake's river of cake dreams! Race car cake for Jayden's birthday, the tiger dude from Ni Hao Kai Lan (I always want to say Gai lan which is Chinese broccoli) for Mayah's birthday, golf themed cupcakes for Nick's 30th birthday, Toy Story chocolate cake for JuJu's birthday, and... Animal from the Muppets for Ann's birthday! I personally think my Animal cupcake looks more like a Chinese Dragon... but still cute, right? ^__^