Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to my cupcake land!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my crazy new world of cupcake baking for the lovely people of Vancouver, BC. I am a self-taught baker with an adoration for all things cake and ice cream. Among other things, I am an interdisciplinary artist and an art teacher here in Vancouver, BC. One of my favorite past times is sitting in front of the oven with the little oven light on, watching lovely little cupcakes rise or perfect cookies crisp. I love the sound and feel of parchment paper, I love rolling pins, I adore my treasured pink Kitchen Aid mixer given to me as a wedding present from my beloved grandma! I love searching for adorable cupcake wrappers and vintage cupcake toppers, dreaming of amassing a mayjah collection of vintage and handmade cake stands, and I love love love trying new recipes and decorating techniques. Fondant roses? A new icing tip? Love it, love it.
My favorite feeling in the world is to make something very delicious and lovely to look at, and to give it to someone as a birthday present, holiday gift, or just-because. There's nothing like receiving a home-baked present. When I make a pie or cupcakes or a batch of cookies for someone, I'm always thinking about them while I'm mixing and getting covered with flour-- there will most often be music playing and light coming in to the kitchen. I'll smile and relax and get excited to give this little labour of love to that special someone!

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