Friday, February 28, 2014

Ziggy The Cat Starring In: Cat Cake!

Can we talk about best friends for a second? How lucky am I to count so many amazing people as dear friends. Kendra emailed me requesting a cake for her best friend Melissa's birthday based on Melissa's dear kitty Ziggy. Who am I to refuse a cat cake? I cannot! So happy to have made this Siamese cutie with the bright blue eyes.

You are only as rich as the great people who surround you, those who are your supporters til the end - friends, family, lovers. Happiness!

Thanks Kendra for the fun order and happy birthday Melissa!

xo Lyndsay 

Ziggy the cat and his cake likeness from Melissa's Instagram! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Gorilla Cake

Omg cuteness alert - I loved making this cutie pie gorilla cake for Eidee's 1st birthday - it's based on the 1976 book Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein. It's such a sweet book ... and all the more special because we've been reading it to our little son Teddy since he was 3 months old. Teddy loved the animal pictures when he was tiny, and I'm pretty sure the book showed him what a "birthday cake" was all about - after reading it 500+ times to him, Teddy got that a birthday cake with candles meant that something special was happening! Pretty cute! We've gone through three of these - the first one got lost on a plane, the second was chewed up pretty badly and the third one's in pretty good shape...

This gorilla cake was coconut flavoured with chocolate buttercream and fondant details. I drew the little butterfly cake topper based on the pink butterfly that appears in the book! Loved it and didn't want to see it go! Haha. Cake nerd.

Thanks Marla and Arch for the sweet order - and happy 1st birthday Eidee!

xo Lyndsay 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pretty Pastels: Pom Pom Cake DIY

Man I'm getting some pretty sweet use out of my heart shaped cake pan. The thing is on FIRE with inspiring me for cakey fun ideas! Guys, I know Val-day is totally over but hearts are FOREVER.

This sweet pastel number I made for the adorable little 6 year old Ava on her birthday! It was such a cute cake idea I decided to turn it into a pretty DIY for you all. You'll need a heart shaped cake pan, your favourite cake recipe and three piping bags fitted with a Wilton 4B tip and buttercream tinted in three pastel colours. I just went wild with no rhyme or reason with my buttercream drop star piping - pink here, purple here, blue here... you can always be more disciplined than that... but I like the playful randomness of it!

Happy birthday, Ava - thank you Rose for the lovely order! And happy decorating, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Up + Away: Cute Balloon Cake Topper DIY

Up, up and away! Tough to get cuter than balloons, I say. Balloons are magical, suspended in air, temporary floaty colored bubbles that bob up and down with the wind. Pretty much the cutest party invention ever. Slam balloons together with cake? Instant party! So here I present... balloon cake toppers! 

You Will Need:

A craft circle punch
Some colorful paper
Mini hole punch
Washi tape or regular old tape 
Wooden BBQ skewers

I made a cute collection of red balloon cake toppers for little cool guy Banksy's 1st birthday party - sweet, simple and the perfect colorful addition for a modern birthday cake. 

Make them in different sizes using different sized craft circle punches - or cut them out freehand with scissors! Balloony good times, guys! And thank you to Rachel for the super cute order!

xo Lyndsay 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red Panda Cake!

All these years I've been calling the panda bear my spirit animal. You know, panda bears are from China, I'm Chinese... but then there's this bumbling nutbar raccoon-like mammal lazing around in his fancy fur coat - yes, the red panda! These guys are so cute! So I have another spirit animal to choose from now. I wonder if red pandas like to bake cakes and eat ice cream. Hmmm...

I made this little cutie for baby Liam's 1st birthday - he has a red panda stuffie that he loves! Pretty darn cute. Happy 1st Birthday, Liam - and thank you Tiffany for the fun cake order!

xo Lyndsay

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sussudio: 1980s Satin Ruffle Pillow Inspired Valentine's Day Heart Cake!

My inspiration for this cake was a 1980s satin pillow with ruffle trim - did I succeed?? Haha... well I think it looks pretty 80's and it turned out pretty cute and ruffly! File this wild cake under: Why Not. 

1980s Satin Pillow Ruffle Heart Cake

You Will Need:

A heart shaped cake pan
Your favourite recipe for a 2 layer cake
4 cups of vanilla buttercream or frosting
Gel food colouring in fuchsia and purple
Three piping bags fitted with an open star tip - or you can re-use the same one!
An offset spatula 

Baking Tip: Grease and flour your heart shaped cake pan before pouring your batter in. I also cut a piece of parchment paper to size which helps immensely with cake release. 

Make it!

1. Bake your cake according to recipe instructions. Let cool completely.
2. Run an offset spatula around the edges of the cake pan to loosen the cake. Remove the cake from cake pan and place on a large cake plate or cake board.
3. Mix your buttercream colours - divide your buttercream in thirds, keeping one cream coloured and making one third pink and one third purple.
4. Frost the entire exterior of the cake with pink buttercream.
5. Fill each piping bag with a different colour.
6. Pipe the sides of the heart cake with cream coloured buttercream.
7. Pipe the top of the cake with pink buttercream, doing three rows of drop stars.
8. Fill the rest of the cake with the purple buttercream to make a purple heart center!

Cut a slice for your sweetie and enjoy! May as well throw on some Phil Collins No Jacket Required while you're at it.

See ya soon, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay