Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - My Dad's Birthday Cake and Well Wishes for 2013!

My dear dad celebrated his 69th birthday on December 17th... and it has become customary for me to make a DOG CAKE for him every year! Words could never describe how much my dad means to me, and how much his love and support of me has meant, especially over this past year. Dad, you are always there for my sisters and I, and now our children, too. You are such a kind, generous, amazing and hilarious dad. We love you lots!! And here is GLS with a very excellent perm and tuxedo at his brother Randy's wedding in 1975 (pictured with his mom and his own dad, in the background!)

The world is nothing to me without my family, and I am the luckiest person to have such an amazing family. And now I have a little one, too - my baby Teddy! How sweetly his little cousins love him and care for him already, it melts my heart. It's amazing how much love a little baby can bring, and how having Teddy in my life has given me the strength to be myself again. My heart is bursting.

Happy happy new year everyone! Let's ring in the sparkly, wintry bright arrival of 2013, and look positively towards the future and all of the amazing things it can bring! 

Lots o' love from cake land and see you in 2013!

xo Lyndsay 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pink Ruffles, Pink Flags ... Love and Peace to all.

I think of all the wonderful cakes and cupcakes I've made for so many beautiful children. That excitement of your birthday party when you're a kid ... a special day that's yours only, with treats and love and special words, hugs and kisses from family and friends and maybe even presents, too. The joy and innocence and sweetness of little ones.

I can't snuggle and hug my little baby enough these last few days, hold him close and love him so much. 

May love and hope and goodness prevail in the world...

xo Lyndsay

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mauve Vanilla Buttercream Blackberry Topped Cupcakes!

Pretty pretty mauve vanilla buttercream frosted vanilla cupcakes with a blackberry on top~ !