Friday, April 30, 2010

Ayla & Tony Cuteness!

wheee! i love photo set-ups!! :)

Ayla and Tony got married in Maui. LUCKY, right? Then flew home to a stylish reception at Vancouver's the Diamond bar. Coco Cake was a part of the festivities... dark chocolate gluten free and vegan cupcakes, topped with dark chocolate ganache and pretty white coconut. The Diamond is a lovely space, tall ceilings, tons of natural light and wood accents, a perfect mixture of vintage feel, keeping the sense of history of its origins in Gastown, and luxe but unpretentious modernity. You can tell an establishment is cared for when there is beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers.

Back to Ayla and Tony!!! You can tell they have a lovely sense of style... from the envelopes they sent in the mail to me. Ahhhdorable. Even taped up with fancy designed scotch tape. Love it. Ayla sent me an email post-wedding with this note:
"The cupcakes were amazing and everyone loved them!
They were SO delicious!"
So happy to be a part of their lovely day!

Congratulations you two! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Under The Sea! Cupcakes

The party crew!

I love this little starfish dude.

this guy's straight from Clown Town.

this guy is my favourite. CrabMan! Cool as a cucumber.

Michelle requested a "friendly shark!"

Here's Mark, underwater! Glub glub

Kawaii little sea turtle! Really into this guy too!

I made this fish up. Yellow and blue? Sure!!! There's gotta be a few of these species!

Dolphin power!

Side view!

Oh, just us again.

CrabMan and Starfish are total buds.

Boxed up and ready to party

Happy Birthday Mark flag!

It's so great to reconnect with long lost pals. Michelle and I knew each other in elementary school because her Auntie was good friends with my mom, then we ended up going to the same high school and become good friends! Post high school we all drifted apart and it wasn't until two years ago when I reunited with my old galpal crew from my high school days (for a night of mayhem and comedy)! Oh how everyone has changed, yet they look exactly the same too. Sigh!

Michelle ordered some snorkel/underwater sea creature themed cupcakes for her husband Mark's birthday! I absolutely loved doing these, I think they turned out so cute, each with their own funny little face... and of course Mark in his snorkel gear too!

Yet another Coco Cake picture EXPLOSION! Haha. Too much fun.

Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you had a great party! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jamie & Nicole Extreme Attractiveness Alert

Just Married cuteness!!

How GORGE are Nicole and Jamie, newly married last weekend at Brix here in Vancouver? I love Nicole's dress, and there's nothing more awesome than a fellow in a well-fitted and nicely tailored suit. Doing cupcakes for their wedding has a cute story too... Jamie is my parents' favourite realtor. They love Jamie! Jamie even gets invited to their grandchildren's 100 day Chinese banquet celebrations. At my niece Kensie's banquet, Jamie got to taste test a Coco Cake cupcake, and at the time he was heading to Maui shortly to propose to his lady... ! Pretty cute. I loved doing this wedding. I seriously get giddy when frosting wedding cupcakes. I'm a wedding nerd, but it makes me happy.

Nicole's request was "New York chic, silver and pink." The cupcakes were Coconut Dream (coconut cupcake with vanilla creamcheese frosting topped with white coconut), Vanilla Cupcake frosted with pink rosette, and Coco Cake Chocolate (dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream!) Brix was the perfect environment, as they have this great patio that appears to be outdoors but really is shielded from the weather with a super tall glass ceiling. And of course I must mention their super cool staff, including Anne Marie. Angela Hubbard did the lovely photography, and the awesome Nicole from Down The Aisle coordinated! And check out that hot pink ginger flower suspended in water in the cylindrical glass candle thingie-- love it!

Hooray Jamie and Nicole! Congratulations to you, and thanks for having Coco Cake be part of your wedding day!

xo Lyndsay

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pineapple Surprise

"pineapple" cupcake!

Okay. Bill Cosby was right. Kids say the DARNDEST things and I learn this every time I work with kids teaching them art. Kids are hilarious and they truly make me happy!! Weekends are extremely busy times over at old Coco Cake HQ, and sometimes I can't always accommodate requests due to time constraints... over the last year and half, I've learned how many orders I can faithfully do in one day that lives up to my design expectations. Anyhoo, Annette emailed me with a request for cupcakes for her 4 year old daughter's birthday party... my weekend was looking extremely hairy but I just couldn't say no... Her daughter wanted cupcakes that looked like PINEAPPLES, but were actually chocolate.

I couldn't say no. PINEAPPLES!! Not only was the request too cute to turn down, but it reminded me of my own wedding day... I requested a PINEAPPLE on the top of my wedding cake! Our wedding was "vintage Hawaiian" themed, and we ordered our wedding cake from Peter Fong of Ganache Patisserie here in Vancouver (before I knew how to bake...)! So I couldn't resist showing a picture of our cake and of us on our wedding day. Our photography was done by the incredibly talented Camille and Chadwick of Jonetsu!

Anyway. I love kids. They make my day over and over. And Kate was such a cutie when I delivered the cupcakes... Annette emailed me a few days later to say how much everyone loved them and they were a big hit.


xo Lyndsay

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nemo Cupcakes for Ava!

You know what's amazing? When you deliver a birthday cupcake order and the mom hugs you because she is so happy. Trish ordered Nemo themed cupcakes for her little girl Ava's birthday, and I got to meet Ava at the last Blim market... so making cupcakes for her was even more special. I love seeing where my cupcakes go and which lucky little girl or boy or family or person receives them... And really there is nothing better than making special cupcakes for a super nice and cool family!!

Happy Birthday sweet Ava! :)

xo Lyndsay

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bobbi & Scott's Buttercreamy Nuptials

wheee! buttercream wedding cakes!

Bobbi and Scott tied the knot! I was in attendance at the post-ceremony dance party, and oh how lovely and beautiful the newlyweds looked! The Rowing Club had been decked out in handmade banners, jars of beautiful flowers and a whole gorgeous table of pies, squares, bars... and Coco Cake buttercream cakes!

The cakes were a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh blackberries, a matcha green tea buttercream frosted vanilla cake and Bobbi's favourite, a delightful coconut cake with vanilla creamcheese frosting, all covered in coconut. The cutest part for me was seeing the cakes in action... sliced out and onto people's plates, silver forks cutting into the pieces and being raised up to happy mouths... that, and partying to Gowan "Moonlight Desires" (a real barn-burner!!) and Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere."

I think the last photo says it all - Bobbi and Scott surrounded by happy family and friends on the dancefloor! Photo by the amazing Lori Kiessling. (See if you can spot Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.Sung! heehee). A beautiful affair all around. Congratulations Bobbi and Scott! Here's to all the happiness in the world!!

xo Lyndsay