Friday, October 30, 2009

Howdy, Pumpkin!

eeks! my nephew brody!

You didn't think old Coco Cake had forgotten about Halloween, did you? Lookit these cute little orange sugar sprinkle-dipped pumpkin cupcakes! Delightful, rich dark chocolate cupcakes with generous blobs of orange tinted vanilla buttercream dipped in orange sparkly sprinkles and topped with Lindt chocolate stems or funny chocolate faces and green sugar fondant leaves. Michael ordered these for an afternoon TGIF office party! Cute!!!

And... look at my adorable nephew Brody in his fishie costume!! Dyin' of cuteness here... !

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Owl & The Pussycat Wedding Cake!

wedding cake! owl & pussycat!

Morgan and Brittany had their wedding reception at the Planetarium here in Vancouver. How cool is that?? Live space synthesizer music by the one and only Jeremy Schmidt, and a lovely spread of Indian food-- a super wedding. Brittany had this great book she loved while growing up, The Owl & The Pussycat-- and wanted their little wedding cake to be inspired by this book! Owl and pussycat-- love it!! Against all odds these two creatures from different species fall in love... the whole book is a romantic, whimsical freedom-love poem with lovely illustrations from 1971.

The Coco Cake cupcakes were Coconut Dream, and the cake was coconut cake with a creamcheese frosting. I made the owl with his stripey shirt and little red tie, and the white cat with her pink dress and white polka dots, cascading along flowery waves in their pea green love boat... !

Hooray for love! Congratulations Morgan and Brittany! Here's to a wonderful life together!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Hungry Caterpillar Returns!

Remember this little cutie I made last March for the adorable baby Jamie, inspired by the amazing Eric Carle's illustration?

Well the crazy caterpillar is back and ready to party it up once again for little Freya's 1st birthday! I have had many requests for this little nutter and was happy to make it again for baby Freya. I tried to vary my little caterpillar buddy a bit without straying too far from my original design-- I did multicoloured cupcake liners this time, and pink and green eyes, and more cupcakes make up the body! I think it kind of looks like he's wearing a pair of 90s raver fun-fur puffy pants!! I call him Francisco. I also added a sweet little Frenchy striped ribbon to his neck, like he is wearing a scarf, and I used Letraset and cute craft paper to make Freya's birthday flags. Oh Francisco, you are so chic!!

Francisco, the Hungry Caterpillar! Inspired by Eric Carle's book!

A funny detail: Belgian chocolate "fur" sprinkles carefully placed in buttercream!

Francisco, slinking off my table...

Look at your little feet, Francisco!

Ah oui, very chic neckerchief!

"Who me? You think I'M cute? Well thank you!' says Francisco...

Cute little Happy Birthday flag I made!

But enough about this guy! When I first posted my Hungry Caterpillar cupcake party train, I was shocked and amazed to watch it explode into the internet world-- I received so many compliments and emails from people who were so stoked, and it got reblogged into the stratosphere, which was so cool. I even learned a new internet term back then: "going viral." One of my best friends Tara, who is a librarian, told me this! Many kind and cool people ended up emailing me questions about it, and making their own versions based on my design and sending me their final results! So I have also posted a few of their pics below! Thank you for sending me these pics, and to everyone else who linked back to my site and tried out this crazy caterpillar! You are all awesome!!

Sent to me by Rita, made for her son Max's birthday!

Victoria made this cute version for her son Barnaby!

Zoe rocked this awesome caterpillar! Look at those minis as a border! So cute!

Kathleen sent me this adorable one she made for her son's 1st birthday! Love it!

Ninja (best name ever!) sent me this super cute one she made for her little guy's 2nd bday!

Kirby made this adorable one for her niece Lori's 2nd birthday! Love that big round face! :)

Angela sent me this adorable one she made for her son's first birthday, along with a sweet note. Thanks Angela! :)

And Sonja made this little duder for her little guy Sammy's birthday! Nice work Sonja!

Until next time, cupcake world!

xo Lyndsay

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kensie's 100 Day Chinese Banquet!

Did you know I am a fourth generation Chinese Canadian? My grandma (Poh poh) even grew up only a few blocks from where I live now in Vancouver! Pretttty cool. Even though my family has been in Canada for generations, we of course still do some Chinesey/superstitious-y things. For my niece Kensie, my parents threw her a 100 day party at a Chinese restaurant here in Vancouver! Red eggs, pickled ginger and a 10 course feast with many family members and friends helped welcome Kensie into the world. My sis Shelley, Kensie's mama, requested vanilla cupcakes with a pink rosette top, so I made 150+ of these pretty little cupcakes in honour of Kensie!

So many of my favorite people came out to part-ay with us, and above is a selection of pics of some of them enjoying their Coco Cake cupcakes!!

The last pic is of the cutie Kensie herself-- chillin' in her puffy bear suit at the end of the night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Little Bird Cupcakes & Matching Cake

hi cupcake birdy!

A matchy-matchy birthday of pinky red little birdies, a super cute colour theme of green, red and brown... for sweet and adorable Olivia's 1st birthday bash! Definitely one of my recent fave Coco Cake creations for sure. Dark brown cupcake liners, tree branches, green leaves and the little pink birdies! Vanilla cupcakes and a dark chocolate cake with Lindt chocolate ganache filling for the adults!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Coco Cake Round-Up: Past Week Or Two!

200 + minis for an order...

dark chocolate minis for another order...

solo mini cupcake jam (let's face it, it probably ended up jammed into my mouth moments after photo was snapped)

another pizza cake for Stevie from his lady Susan; note those cute little yellow scalloped pineapple rings!

Red velvet cupcakes for Laura -- creamcheese frosting and very red cake; sadly I realized I can't do her wedding, but I wish her and her fiancee mega congrats!

A "BJ Penn" cake for Ben from his fine lady Esther-- I had NO CLUE who this guy was, but ended up googling him-- ! I made the less violent, cartoon version of him! I usually don't do this kind of stuff but Esther was so sweet I just had to help her out, and she emailed to say everyone loved the cake! Hooray.

There you have it. More super cute weekend cupcake madness coming your way, blog-style. And, thank you to all my beautiful pals, cupcake chompers, fans and new friends who came out to the Blim Art Market to say hi and enjoy a cupcake!! Thanks to my pal Sarah for helping me hawk my little party cakes and of course to my number one honeybun in the world, RJT for his help and support. Sorry I am such a spazz, honey!! Heh heh...

This month, I overdid it on the variation in flavours--I made SIX different flavours and I drove myself mentally insane and ended up with practically zero sleep over the weekend due to crazy orders AND the market. Next month I'll be making a few less flavours, but all of them will be solid gold! Got some new fun flavour ideas to play with too, so stay tuned!! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ar! Ar! Dolphin Cupcakes

I don't realllly know what noises dolphins make. "ar? ar?" Er, I don't think that's right... Maybe I'm thinking of a seal clapping his funny little flippers together wearing a rainbow collar with a silver sardine between his teeth! For lucky Helena's birthday, the party was at a wave pool, so the request was for ocean/watery theme with dolphins, Helena's fave. The cupcakes are lovely Raspberry Rose, raspberry jam filled vanilla cake! I adore the colour combination of orange and blue; I thought it complimented those cute lil grey dolphins nicely, and it's always refreshing to do an order for a girl's birthday that isn't screaming pink, pink pink!! Personally my fave colours are blue and green! I teach kids art and little boys are always going "EWWW pink" or little girls are saying "EWWW" blue! Then I tell them what my fave colours are and they have a quizzical look, and then I tell 'em "colours have no gender!" They usually laugh at me!!