Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink, Blue and Vintage Lamb Too

I have a mild to medium spending problem when it comes to vintage knick-knack items. Especially when the item is a ridiculously cute lamb vase given to baby newborns with fresh flowers in it, from the 1950s. I also have a medium to large adoration for the color combination of light pink and baby blue. Yes, it screams out "newborn baby!!", which is probs exactly why I like it because my sisters and I all have Baby Fever. 

Pictured here: Coco Cake Vanilla cupcakes in vintage-look cupcake liners (I LOVE these!) and matching buttercream hats, made for the very pregnant Rachel! The design office where she works has a betting pool going on whether or not her baby will be a B or a G. If I was pregs I would be soooo curious! Though, my husband Rich says he wouldn't like to know, because "when else would you get that kind of CRAZY surprise??" True dat, Rich, true dat. 

Best of luck Rachel, and Happy Motherhood!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Future World of Coco Cake!

Hollah! Coco Cake Cupcakes will now have a monthly "retail" spot-- at the super awesome new monthly BLIM Art Market, run by my pal Yuriko Iga! Mark your calendars if you're feeling like a cupcake fix: Sunday March 29th at Cambrian Hall, 215 East 17th Avenue at Main, from 11-5pm. New flavours and old will mix and mingle on a cute little table monitored by Yours Truly, and possibly sisters/relatives/friends/husband of Yours Truly. Tons more cool crafty stuff as well as vintage clothes, knick knacks, records, hot snacks and Japanese food-- what more could ya ask for! I'll be posting right before as a reminder! It's also a great chance to taste test Coco Cake before your next big event. Fun!

Pictured here: adorable school color themed cupcakes for the cutest grade 4 class! My sis teaches grade 4 and each year my husband and I (and this year, my other sis!) judge the annual Speech Competition, with topics ranging from "The Five Deadliest Predators In The World" to "Chicken Fishing" to "My Cat Steele." A pleasure all around! My sis requested vanilla cupcakes in her school colors, blue and yellow-- and what soft and precious cupcakes they turned out to be! Yay! These pics also remind me of something from a Dillon Panthers PEP RALLY! (Friday Night Lights anyone??) 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where My Beret At?

Bonjour! Je m'apelle Lyndsay! Je suis une femme qui habite a Vancouver, Columbie Britanique. J'aime parler en Francais, mais malheureusement, je ne parle pas tres bien. Mais, j'essaye! Ici, il y'a une collection de petite souris. Attendez! Les petites souris sont CUPCAKES!!! 

Okay. That was hard, and if someone who actually reads and speaks French reads that, it would probably sound like this: "Hello! I am Lyndsay. I am a woman who live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I like speak in French, but unfortunately, I can't speak very well. But, I try! Here is a collection of little mouses. Wait! The little mouses are CUPCAKES!!!" 

Yes-- it's true! I did a "French Mouse" turquoise and orange colour-themed baby shower, with little Lemon Love (lemon cake with creamcheese frosting, and fondant) mouse cupcakes wearing berets in turquoise and orange, and a crazy blue fondant covered chocolate ganache dark chocolate cake featuring an artist mouse, a paint palette, and pretty roses. When I was putting the faces on my little Frenchie mouse friends I would give them names. "Your name is Jean Pierre. And you, you are my little friend Guy LaRoche. Et vous, vous etes Jean Jean! I love you, Jean Jean!!!" 

Mais oui! C'est belle! C'est formidable! Et moi, je suis tres, tres, tres fatiguee...!!

A bientot,


His And Hers

Vancouver Canucks hockey team (hockey is big in Canada, people!!) cupcakes for a husband and wife birthday party-- both Canucks fans!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cutest Flags On Planet Earth

It's a big claim, to call cupcake flags the cutest flags on planet Earth. Lately I've been throwing around this saying quite a bit. For example, a Valentine's Day card addressed to "The Greatest Honeybun On Planet Earth." Or, a complaint of a minor head pain with "I have the biggest headache on Planet Earth." I may change it to "The Cutest Flags On Planet Of The Apes." 

While I've been loving doing the hand-written thing for my celebration flags/cupcake picks I make, the thrill and excitement of a NEW PRINTER has thrown me over the edge-- I can use all my cute fonts for my flags now! Wonderful! (Side note: our laptop mentally imploded on itself, causing Rich and I to purchase a lovely bright new iMac, by which we were then upsold on a rather nice printer for an extra $50.) The new magical printer beast mixed with my ever-growing collection of vintage and designer craft papers = "THE CUTEST FLAGS ON PLANET OF THE APES."

Pictured here: Lemon Love (lemon cupcake with lemon creamcheese frosting!) with one of my new super-favorite flag designs. Yay!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Rose Cupcakes

Some say love... it is a river... 

We sang "The Rose" by Bette Midler when I was in elementary school choir. Coincidentally, years later we also sang "Wind Beneath My Wings." Beaches is a sad movie. I haven't seen it in so long-- might be time to rent it again! I wonder if Rich would watch it with me?? Doubtful.

Now every time I make a fondant rose I think of the song "The Rose." 

Pictured here: dark chocolate Coco Cake cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, adorned with pink roses, bright green leaves and mini red hearts for a Valentines Day Brunch! Posing with the cupcakes is the Valentines day card I got for Rich, an ADORABLE letterpress card from Dutch Door Press!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vancouver Matters Book Launch

Ooooh I loved doing this event! A wonderful book called Vancouver Matters held its book launch at the Charles H Scott Gallery at Emily Carr University. An amazing exhibit by Germaine Koh  was happening at the same time, an installation of a fallow urban lot transplanted into an art gallery, complete with insects, growing greenery, dandelions and newly spun spider webs. 

Coco Cake was asked to create a cupcake display of chocolate cupcakes to complement the book launch; for some reason, Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K. Sung (me) decided to go with a purple, red and brown theme! Originally I was going to go with a red and white striped theme, to complement the colors of the design of the book, but I couldn't find the basic red and white striped wrapping paper I wanted, even though I found the most amazing striped ribbon from Paper-Ya.  I decided to go with brown kraft paper for my stand, with the stripey ribbon as trim; then, because I'm loving purple and red right now, I decided to tint vanilla buttercream a lavendar purple, do chocolate buttercream and deck it all out with red mini hearts, not just cause it was Vally-tine Day but because the colour combo is soooo cute! Red and white striped liners and homemade purple craft-paper flags completed the design package. 

I was really happy with how it all turned out, and not one little cupcake remained at the end of the book launch! Congratulations to the editors of Vancouver Matters, and thank you to the UBC School of Architecture and Blueimprint!

Extreme photograph explosion! Sorry, I couldn't resist!!