Thursday, November 28, 2013

Coco Cake Land Lately

Follow Coco Cake Land on Instagram!  Plenty of behind the scenes cakey times and little snippets of Coco Cake Land life. The top photo features these crazy cute cake toppers by Little Cat Design Co for Sweet and Saucy Shop! My fancy photos were all ruined due to some glitchy computer irritation (I dunno what happened but I am bummed!) so all I have is this little instagram pic for now until I re-shoot - Rats! 

Hope you're all doing great, cake pals - and happy happy Thanksgiving long weekend to my pie eating American readers and friends! My dream is to be invited to an American style Thanksgiving feast one year. How many pies are at your Thanksgiving dinner??

xo Lyndsay

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Pink Ruffle Mini Cupcakes

Here in Vancouver, the days are getting colder, the air crisp and the sidewalks slippery with a layer of icy frost. Can you believe December is on its way? Still, my winter pansies are blooming and the oven's on full blast practically every day. Baking, photographing, writing and then chomping away at my cake props.

Flowers in winter seem like such a luxury. It's nice to grow some even in the cold. 

Dark chocolate mini cupcakes with vanilla buttercream tinted the lightest ballerina tulle pink and dusted with teensy rainbow sprinkles. The cupcakes are so little I ate one with a sugar bowl teaspoon.

Happy Monday, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay 

Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Mini Rosette Cake Toppers

Sharing a super cute and simple mini rosette cake topper DIY over on Poppytalk. 

Click here for the full tutorial!

My post on Owl Themed Cakes on Craftsy

Plus, a couple of cat-cake-head worthy Friday shout-outs (my slang is so brutally 1990s, sorry guys)

This modern holiday craft party from Studio DIY is so bubbly, bright and swinging - you'll want to throw on a record and start mashed potato-ing like, instantly. 

Mini present gift advent calendar from You Are My Fave - fill em up with candy and treats! Jam mine with peanut butter cups, please! 

Mer Mag's turkey Thanksgiving place setting buddy is so cheerful, simple and hilarious. Love his feathers!

Are you getting your holiday gifting on yet? You must take a look-see at the Poppytalk Handmade Market. It is truly where all the goods are.  

Happy weekend, everyone - see you next week with more cakey goodness. 

xo Lyndsay 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Raindrop and Cloud Cupcake Toppers

File under: easy town. I am in love with the idea of funny, original and possibly silly birthday party themes - how about a weather themed party? Raindrop and cloud garland, a pinata made to look like a big ball of sun, cloud cookies and these simple raindrop and cloud cupcake toppers.

Find the whole raindrop and cloud cupcake topper DIY over on Handmade Charlotte.

What was your most successful party theme? Do tell -and leave me a link to your party - I wanna see! :)

xo Lyndsay

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Drawing Is Fun: Handmade Custom Cake Toppers

I've been really loving working on hand drawn cake toppers lately for my cakes - I like it because it's something no one else can recreate, making them original and fun- and boy, colouring really provides me with some stress-relieving joy! I should invest in some colouring books... 

This adorable set of yellow umbrella and raindrop buddies was created for Lauren's baby shower, hosted by her sisters Alissa and Naomi! I loved the yellow umbrella theme - a fresh and fun baby shower theme, don't you think? Alissa provided me with the invite and I created the toppers based around the umbrella theme. How cute are those blue drip drop cake topper buddies? Heehee!

Here's a super cute set of cake toppers to match a custom pirate cake I made for adorable Graydon's 5th birthday party! The neon parrot cake topper made me chuckle. I kind of want to make a parrot cake now. This is nuts, too - I made an awesome Where The Wild Things Are cake for Graydon for his very first birthday party - and now he's five! Where does the time go?

I adore how the custom toppers bring a cake to life. I loved making these cute little vintage-look ice skating buddies for sweet River's birthday cake. I made River a cupcake train cake a few years ago for his 5th birthday! I wanted to go ice skating and was craving hot chocolate with mini marshmallows instantly after drawing them. Gad, I'm impressionable! Doesn't the cake look extra billowy and "snowy" with the addition of the ice skaters? :)

And of course this cutie red fox playing the guitar for my good friend Miko's daughter Saya's birthday, based on an image in one of her favourite books. I can hear the plink and plunk of the acoustic guitar right now... 

Ahh, too much fun! I love being able to offer something unique and cute, and something I really love doing - I've been drawing since I was a little kid. It's nice to be able to sit down and draw again. I forget I can do that after a long day of chasing after Teddy and baking, photographing and blogging in between!

Interested in ordering a set of custom hand drawn cake toppers? I can mail them worldwide. Email me at lyndsay (at) for more info. 

Happy Tuesday, cake pals! Chat soon.

xo Lyndsay

Friday, November 15, 2013

Rainbow Cat Birthday Cake!

Happy birthday to meeee! 

Yes, today is my birthday! To celebrate, I wanted a rainbow cake, but I also wanted an animal cake - so thanks to some of my Coco Cake Land Facebook fans, I had the idea to combine the two into my dream birthday cake. So here ya go: RAINBOW CAT CAKE! It maybe also kind of looks like a bunny but when I showed it to Teddy he made a MEOW sound (he's 15 months old) so I think it's legit enough for me! :)

Yep, I'm 37 years old today. A lady isn't supposed to share her age but it's 2013, guys - and we need to stop being so freaked out about women aging. So there you have it. Sounds golden oldie to be 37 but I've got some pretty sweet Asian genes on my side, so I'll keep on trucking and hope for the best. Besides, growing old is a beautiful thing, right? We're slathered and badgered daily by the idea of staying "young." But I've had some amazing times in my 37 years. Rough times, too - but that's what makes us stronger and wiser. And more wrinkly. And prone to ice cream binges. 

People often ask me how I got into the cake biz and how I started making cakes. Well let me tell ya - I've had 101 careers, and truly, I'm always thinking of what my next "career" will be. In the past fifteen years, I've worked at a photo developing shop, I was a secretary for a mental health centre, I temped in a lawyer's office, I worked in an art gallery, I toured in bands playing music across North America and even Europe, I taught art to children, when I was 30 I even worked at a snow cone stand and had an 18 year old "manager"! I traded a snowcone for a fake tattoo from the teen who worked across the fairway from me.

Too many jobs to even remember. A couple of years ago I even started taking classes to become an elementary school teacher but then didn't end up following through with that idea (man, Canadian Geography SUCKED!) and now it's been five years since I started making cakes! I've learned and grown and developed a particular design niche with it - and met so many awesome people along the way. So yeah, learning to bake at 31 has been a pretty, pretty good turn of events, I'd say.

For anyone reading this who might be wondering what the hell they're doing with their life - there's been many times I've felt lost and unsure of what I was doing or what I wanted to do next. I guess now I feel like my life is a continual work in progress and that it will continue to ebb and flow. I'll always be wondering and searching and learning, but with a firm base of my belief in the utter importance of family, friendship and love, and love most especially for my little boy, and my husband R.

Oh, and crazy mad love for some RAINBOW CAT CAKES!


A note about this cake: due to the multiple cake layers and a LOT of buttercream, this cake is a heavy block-headed, cat noggin on a plate BEAST! I used 7 inch cake pans and still the cake will feed 20+ guests for sure. (When the cake is this tall you don't need huge slices. Or do you?? :) Also, place your fondant "face" bits on the cake just prior to serving, so the fondant doesn't get too melty. 

You will need: 

A double recipe for a vanilla cake - box mix or from scratch, whatever you like!
Five 7 inch cake pans
Five bowls for mixing your rainbow cake batter colours 
Gel food colouring in your fave rainbow colours - I used pink, yellow, green, blue and purple for my layers!
8 cups (woh!) of vanilla buttercream
An offset spatula for frosting your cake
A piping bag fitted with a multi opening tip (also known as the hair/grass tip)
White fondant and gel colours to mix and create your cat's eyes, ears, nose and whiskers

Make it!

1. Make batter according to recipe instructions. 
2. Divide batter into five bowls - add gel food colours to each and mix to combine. (the amount is up to you - just know that a little goes a long way!)
3. Pour into greased and floured cake pans. Bake according to recipe's instructions. 
4. Let cakes completely cool. 
5. Make buttercream according to recipe instructions. 
6. Level your cake layers with a serrated knife.

6. Place your first coloured cake layer on a cake board or cake stand. Frost the top, and add the next colour. Continue until you reach your last cake layer!

7. Frost the entire exterior of the cake.

8. Pipe the entire exterior cake with buttercream "fur!" 

9. Make your fondant face pieces using piping tips for cutters, or just your hands, and make ears by creating fondant triangles and placing them on wooden BBQ sticks.

10. Place your ears into the top of the cake - pipe "borders" around the edges of the ears if you like!
11. Place your fondant eyes, nose and whiskers on!

12. MEOW - you are ready to party SO hard! 

Gad it is SO exciting cutting into a rainbow layer cake! Eeks! It is pure beautiful magic!

Rainbows and sunshine and kitties - that's not a bad analogy for life, right? I hope you guys are all doing great - and thank you for coming to my blog and having a cakey visit in Coco Cake Land

Happy weekend, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raspberry Glacé Rosewater Cupcake Icing

I'm in love with this simple and pretty combination ... vanilla cupcakes baked in silver cupcake liners with raspberry rosewater glacé style icing. Classy times, guys.


You will need: 

1 1/4 cup icing sugar
3 tablespoons of raspberry juice
a teensy amount of rosewater (it is a very powerful flavour - I used about 1/16th of a teaspoon!)

Make it!

Stir the juice into the sugar until combined. Add the rosewater. Thin out with more juice or thicken with more icing sugar as needed. When making your cupcakes, spoon only a small amount (2 tablespoons) into the cupcake liner. This will leave room for the icing.

Once the cupcakes cool, spoon the icing on top of the cupcakes and spread to the edges of the cupcake liner. Top with a rose petal or sugar flower.

Have you worked with glacé style icing before? What is your favourite thing to glaze? I love the drippy look of it on anything! Especially donuts... I can't wait to make donuts with some extreme drippy glaze-iness and sprinkles power.

Happy baking, cake pals!

xo Lyndsay