Saturday, May 30, 2009

Berries Of Summer!

Berry Good!

A collection of beautiful mini Berry Goods topped with fresh raspberries, in cute little red cupcake liners, made for little Bryn's 2nd birthday party. Summer has arrived in Vancouver, hooray!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flower Garden Of Mini Cupcakes

I made 100 mini cupcakes for a Women's Health event in Vancouver... a gorgeous bright fuschia tinted buttercream! I also made dark chocolate vegan mini cupcakes for them too. Here are some arty pics of the pink mini cupcakes... with their precariously perched, avant-garde British society buttercream wedding hats...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Sister Shelley's Baby Shower!

How gorgeous is my sis Shelley, 8 months pregnant in a beautiful, super colorful dress! (above in the pic)! This past Sunday, my other sis Leanne and I organized a baby shower for Shelley, who is pregnant with her first baby! Leanne, the event planning queen of our family whose nickname is "Senior Management" for her crazy event planning skills, made the cutest little invites, "Welcome Baby" banner and little loot bags filled with sweets for guests to take home.

I was in charge of the food, so I of course made a crazy cake and cupcakes-- Lemon cake with lemon buttercream and raspberry filling, with a little fondant bird perched atop the cake; coconut creamcheese mini cupcakes and chocolate ganache cupcakes; Lemon Love cupcakes topped with fresh raspberries, mini almond butter and raspberry sandwiches, open faced cucumber and creamcheese sandwiches, and the world's weirdest cheese plate. I gotta commend those who can create and arrange a lovely cheese plate. I need to work on my cheese plating skills, pronto!!!

Shelley loved the shower... and I can't wait to meet this nutty little baby who kicks like crazy! Yay, Auntie Lyndsay times two!!! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Meow Mix

Michelle ordered two dozen of these pretty purple kitty cupcakes and their pals Pink Swirlie cupcakes for her sister's wedding shower! The colour theme was purple, pink and white, so I used white dragees on the pink swirls, and purple kitty faces made of fondant. The cupcake flavour: Berry Good, made with beautiful fresh raspberries and raspberry jam swirled in soft vanilla cake, topped with pink vanilla buttercream. Yum! (Purple and pink have been very popular colours lately in Coco Cake Land!)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful May Wedding Day!

A beautiful, sunny May wedding day for a union of two young loves. Aren't they a beautiful couple? With Coco Cake! Raspberry Rose cupcakes (raspberry jam filled vanilla cupcakes, pink vanilla buttercream topped with fresh raspberry) and mini version so Coco Cake Chocolate and my new super duper favorite: Coconut Dream! They look so dreamy and pretty in their little silver wrappers, topped with a billowy fluff of vanilla creamcheese frosting and finished with freshly toasted crunchy coconut. Oh l'amour... wouldn't these look so beautiful on an all-white-items dessert table, with a lovely minimal ist buttercream-frosted cake, balls of vanilla ice cream and white lemon sorbet, icing-sugar dusted cookies, swirled meringues and vanilla macaron? Dreamy!!!

The little button in the bottom picture is a vintage button I got in an antique shop in Hamburg, Germany a few years back. I brought it back as a gift to my honeybun, RT!

I also gotta do a mad shout-out to my neighbor Zac, who so awesomely helped me get some more icing sugar at the last minute, when I found I had run out!! Thank you so much neighbor! It's so nice to have neighbors like you and Mel!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Can You Tell Me How To Get...

How to get to COCO CAKE Street? Haha. Tricked you. You thought I was gonna sing something else. Heh heh. Ha ha.

Hi everyone! I missed you all!! But this weekend is filled with cupcakes, let me tell ya... so I hope you stay tuned!!

First up, these crazy little Sesame Street themed cupcakes for a birthday party. Liza chose Cookie Monster, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Ernie! Cookie Monster is totally my fave Sesame Streeter so I was very excited to make him! Using my "hairy frosting tip", I created a fuzzy looking Cookie Monster. Using fondant and chocolate chips, I made eyeballs, and for the MINI COOKIE I cut out a little brown fondant cookie and three MINI chocolate chips on each. CUTE!

So I have a question for all my wonderful blog readers: which Sesame Street character is your favorite, and/or, which character do you identify with?? If Cookie Monster is my fave, do I think of myself as a googly eyed nutbar monster type who can't help himself but gobble all cookies in his path?? Hmmmm... Well I do think of myself as a bit of a nut. I'm not a monster really but I am "alternative-type." Do I gobble cookies? Sometimes I do. I actually LOVE COOKIES. Homemade ones. I try not to make cookies too often because I will eat so many of them. One winter, my old roommate Amber and I made nachos and cookies way too often. Eight pounds later, I had to hit the treadmill prettttttttyyy hard!

Please do tell me which character is your fave!! And if you say Buffy St.Marie that's okay too!!


Monday, May 18, 2009


Oh I was on a wonderful, relaxing vacation retreat over the long weekend, we went to Saturna Island with a group of old friends and new. I even met and hung out with Vicki, the uber talented artist/illustrator behind Vancouver's 2010 Olympic mascots! I got my pic taken with her to show my family-- "here's the girl who drew Mukmuk!"-- and also found out we went to the same Chinese school in Burnaby, BC! Funny. She's a Vancouver girl through and through, just like me!

An explosion of cupcake and cake events coming up this week. For now, here's a trio of photos of Coco Cake cupcakes! The left photo is by the super talented and amazing Jonetsu Photography; the middle picture is by Amy Pelletier Photography; and the far right one you may recognize as snapped by yours truly...

See you soon!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Harold The Cat Cake!!!

Okay. This cake KILLED ME with cuteness while making it. I was chuckling away like a nutbar, especially when I did the finishing touches of orange vanilla buttercream mini-beard and half moustache to this cutie cat. The amazing Kathy Slade commissioned me to make a likeness Lemon Love cake out of her dear kitty Harold, in honour of her husband Keith's 50th birthday!

I hope I get to do more animal cakes like this... the only pain is the thought of people cutting into these adorable cat faces... !

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miffy Cake For Baby Ryan!

Wheee Miffy! Miffy is so cute, but not as cute as baby Ryan... I made a Miffy birthday cake for baby Ryan's 1st birthday! Thank you for emailing me the pics Candy! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink Kitties For Katie's Cutie

For Baby Hazel's 1st birthday, I made raspberry jam filled chocolate cupcakes, topped with soft pink vanilla buttercream, and some with pink kitty faces! Hooray!!

I adore the color combination of the light pink frosting -topped dark chocolate brown cake with the silver cupcake liners... it would look gorgeous on a giant 6 tier white stand at a wedding, non?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Shout Out!

To my mom, (pictured with her grandson Brody) who has always supported me in all of my life's crazy choices so far, and gives me so much inspiration with her energy, kindness and generosity! ... Happy Mother's Day!! Love you lots!

To my mom-in-law, Beth-- I sure lucked out with a cool mother in law!! Others should be so lucky...

Also to my sis Leanne, who inspires me with her cool mommyhood and her awesome little guy Brody!

And to my other sis Shelley, who is due in June... whhheeeee! Can't wait!!! You're going to be an awesome (and stylish) mommy!!

And of course I can't forget my beloved Poh Poh! The crazy-coolest Grandma ever... in her Edward Chapman Ladies Shop skirt suits and Burberry trench coat... !

Also... to all my friends who are mommies... way to go!!! You're an inspiration!

For Mother's Day brunch, I made this wicked retro topped lemon curd filled lemon cake... ! I just love seeing the inside of the cake when it's cut, because they always leave me in one piece... ! It's satisfying somehow... to see the inner workings!!