Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hairy Pup Birthday Cake!

A lovely hairy frosted vanilla buttercream pup cake made for my old high school friend Sandeep's awesome mom's birthday! I've had the pleasure of making cakes for his wedding day, and many other birthdays since... so nice to catch up with him every once in a while through the cake biz. 

And... it's hard to believe but next year it will be our TWENTY YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. Yep, that's right... I'm no spring chicken! And I'm feeling the age HARD today because I went to "boot camp" fitness class yesterday with my pal Helen and am paying the pain price now! Been trying to ease back into a fitness routine, but maybe doing a super hard class for my first fitness class since having a kid wasn't the coolest idea ever. Oops. 

But seriously, twenty years almost since I'ved graduated high school?? That's nuts. Time keeps rolling by like nobody's business. All one really do is try and enjoy every day and plan for some fun things to do in the future, too. When you're young you never imagine that you'll ever be 20, 30, 40 years old... but then BAMMM it kind of happens! I remember my dear friend Tara showing me this list of "rules for living" probably a decade ago... and I came across it again recently and it felt pertinent. So... Here it is! Don't kill me for being a nerd!!

xo Lyndsay

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Purple Ruffly Cake Cuteness!

Honestly. Sometimes I just want to put it on my head and wear it around like a pillbox hat. But then it would tip and unbalance and flop on the floor and I would have a big old cakey buttercream insanity mess to clean up! No to wearing cakes as hats, says me.

This cake! I loved it. And it was for a really lovely baby shower for the amazing Miranda of Blue Olive Photography, and all of her dear and crazy-creative friends threw her this really amazing looking party. Jeanie and Andrea were behind the shower awesomeness set-up and gorgeous decorations, in such a cute colour palette - yellow, grey, blue, orange and purple! No one asked me to make the cake purple but when I think of Miranda's photography and style I think vibrant, fun and bright. Violet purple ruffle-puff buttercream cake just seemed like the right thing to do!

Thanks ladies for having Coco Cake as a part of the beautiful celebration. 

And CONGRATULATIONS Miranda and Riley! Super exciting baby boy times ahead! 

xo Lyndsay

Last photo of cupcake set up with adorable bunting by Jeanie Ow!