Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kermit Cake for my little Brody

How could my little monkey cutie nephew be 4 years old already? It feels like just yesterday I remember holding him for the first time, this teensy thing in a mini Canucks newborn toque. Now Brody is obsessed with cars and is sweet and sensitive and funny and full of questions and is just the cutest little boy. Our family clan is growing and growing... my sister Leanne has three children now, and my other sis Shelley has two girls!

And... yes... when I say our family is growing... so is my own tummy. I'm also expecting a baby! I'm due in August of this year and I found out it will be a baby boy.

I dream of summer birthdays, homemade popsicles, BBQs, a cooler of ice packed with icy cold drinks, crisp summer salads and swimming. Backyard parties with colored balloons, running around on grass, ice cream cones and the giggling of little cousins, and a special cake made just for my future little guy. My birthday is in November and I was always so envious of summer birthdays - November birthdays are rainy and always indoors...

For Brody's birthday, I made him a Kermit cake, chocolate with vanilla buttercream, and matching frosted green cupcakes. Brody and his little buddies ran around in a gym full of little cars, balls, a bouncy castle and gymboree gear. To be a little kid again with none of the worries and sadness and stress of real life! Children get to be children only once. It seems so very special to me right now.

Happy (belated) birthday to my lil BroBro! Auntie Lynds loves you lots!