Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White Fluffy Cat & Alpine Ski Theme Cupcakes

For Brenda's 40th birthday, ordered by the amazing Camille & Chadwick.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cutie Patootie Baby Shower!

A lovely order for Anne for her daughter-in-law Stephanie's baby shower. Pale yellow and pale green and white themed baby faced cupcakes in Lemon Frill! Cuteness alert!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy Cuteness Children's Coco Cake Round-up!

As much as I love blogging and obsessively photographing and documenting my cakes, sometimes my projects backlog and build up like Cake Mountain and threaten to spill all of their cake pixels on top of my black-haired (and flour-sprinkled) head. I have many, many cakes and cupcakes to post but in between I am making even MORE cakes and cupcakes! Do I feel like the lone Chinese Cake Elf in a Cake Factory sometimes? Why, yes! Slow down, Auntie Coco Cake!

Haha. So here is a slew of recent cakery mischief from the hands of yours truly, Coco Cake.


I think this Mario cake turned out super cute!
With matching cupcakes, for Emily's 30th birthday!

Doo doo doo doo doo doo... dooo!

"what, me worry? I'm gonna git you Bowzer!"

These were Lemon Frill flavoured cakes.

More than meets the eye for little Nathan's birthday! Chocolate!

My favourite part was the matching flags I made in red and blue stripes!

MONSTER MASH -- River's Halloween themed birthday!

Grumble grumble. Dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Uncomfortable hanging out with each other in a box. Soon to be eaten.

Pretty chocolate Princess-themed cake for sweet little Lily's birthday!

With a ruffly cake board and a pink satin ribbon too.

I LOVE THIS GUY!!! Pablo the Penguin! A Berry Good cake for Hayden's birthday. I know Pablo is a mainstream character but lookit how cute he is!

"Hmmmmm....? You don't say....?" (Pablo's curious eyebrow move)

Could he ever beat my 1980s pal Tuxedo Sam though for cutest penguin award?? Noooooo! But maybe yesssssssss in cake form!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kelli-Lou, Happy Birthday To You!

It's a true joy in my Coco Cakey heart when I get to make some special delights for the wonderful people in my life! Kelli-Lou is the awesome mom to my dear friend Sharon and her two sisters Kim and Jillian... the three of 'em are ahhhdorable in every way and they remind me of me and my two sisters and how much we love each other and like hanging out while still getting annoyed with each other sometimes but we're sisters so that's that.

Kelli hit the big 'n beautiful 60 this past weekend and Sharon asked me to make some pretty floral cupcakes for her mum! I also found this awesome vintage wrapping paper in the bottom of my craft paper box (I forgot I bought it off Ebay a few years ago when I had what I like to call my "Ebay problem") so I made some darn-tootin'-cute flags out of it! Sharon and her lovely sisters are all vegan, so the cupcakes were deliciously vegan! Egg and dairy free! I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in two styles: yellow roses and pink rosettes!

I was told there was a wicked young people vs. older people Charades game played at the party, as well as birthday cheer, laughs galore and plenty of glasses of wine down the hatch! Sounds like a truly fun birthday bash.

Happy happy birthday dear Kelli!

xo Lyndsay

Monday, November 8, 2010

Graydon's Guitar Party!

Sweet and adorable Graydon turned two years old... remember his Where The Wild Things Are party from last year? This year his mom Samantha told me his current obsession was his play guitar - he takes it everywhere and anywhere! She sent me pictures of the guitar for me to study! So here it is... Coco Cake's first guitar cake!

Custom flags I made for Graydon's party. Cute!

Little guitar toppers to match the main cake!

Large cake, regular cupcakes AND minis! Something for everyone!


Guitar neck... "Graydon"-brand!

Cake and cupcakes

With flags!

A+ for cuteness, Graydon!

Mini matching cupcakes too!

and a pic of the original -- "DingDing" !!

Happy Birthday Graydon, ya cutie! Keep on rockin' in the free world! And thanks again Sam for the great order.

Lyndsay :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jeanie & Ian!

damask tower with dark red rosette cupcakes!

cupcake tower!

Ian and Jeanie in Scotland!
Gazing at their wedding cupcake tower in Vancouver! (heehee)


Bahh bahh black sheep!! I like these little guys' shocked faces.
This photo is pure beauty and a half, times infinity. Can't you just hear the grass "shushing" and the wind blowing as they run through this field? Jeanie's dress is amazing too.

I've known Jeanie for quite a few years now, through our mutual involvement with the Powell Street Festival, then through the wonderful Vancouver wedding industry -- her with her amazing photography skills, and me with my crazy cake-ing! So it was quite flattering and sweet when Jeanie asked me if I would make cupcakes for her Vancouver wedding reception. Jeanie and Ian tied the knot in a castle in Scotland... yes, it's true!! Check out those gorgeous photos Jeanie's brother took of them above. Dreamsville.

Jeanie and Ian then had their wedding reception here in Vancouver at Ironworks, and the lovely hard-working ladies at Dreamgroup performed the task of making this "cabaret-themed sexy red and black " party come to life!

Jeanie is the sweetest person... and so detail-oriented and cool... she writes her cheques with an old fashioned typewriter, in fact! And lovely typewriter-written notes. These are the types of details I can also appreciate! Her vision for the cupcakes was a dark sexy red rosette with black liners, as well as elegant and dramatic black special cupcake wrappers! She is also thoughtful -- she wanted to have some kid-themed cupcakes for the kiddies in attendance too. I made dark chocolate cupcakes with dark red vanilla buttercream rosettes, and dark chocolate buttercream. I loved how the kid's cupcakes turned out -- sheep "bahhhing", very "Scotland"! It was all displayed on a damask stand provided by the Dreamgroup girls.

Happy Happy Matrimony to Jeanie and Ian... an amazing couple with a lifetime of happiness ahead of them!

xo Lyndsay

(photos of Jeanie and Ian by Jeff Ow. Cupcake photos by Tracey Heppner.)