Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Choo Choo Choose You

Party train, party train... Barb phoned me with a cute request: a choo choo train themed birthday cupcake cake for her adorable little grandson Parker's 1st birthday. When Barb showed up to pick it up, she loved it, which made old Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.S. happy. This was my first attempt at a train made of cupcakes- the cupcakes are a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, and the engine and the caboose are both vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant covering. My favourite part may well be the "wheels" made of cupcakes underneath the engine and caboose. Oh and the black "puff" of smoke coming out of the engine top, which was black colored fondant made to look like cloudy puffs attached to a wooden stick poking out the top.

Thanks for the great order Barb! and Happy Birthday Parker! :)

Til next time Cake World,

xo Lyndsay

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Totoro Cake!

my neighbor totoro cake!!!

Bob, one of the most literally awesome dudes in Vancouver, emailed me with an adorable request: to make a very special cake as a surprise for his wife, to celebrate their wedding anniversary! His request: a TOTORO themed cake! Hooray! I love Totoro!

Totoro is the cute and crazy star of the Japanese animation film My Neighbor Totoro. He is a mythical creature who comforts a little girl when her mother is sick in the hospital, and he flies around in a giant catbus with his other weird little Totoro buddies!

Remember Brody's 1st birthday party, and some other Totoro themed cupcakes I've made? Just love Totoro!! I was so happy with how my Totoro cake turned out. It was a cute 7 inch round cake, dark chocolate with chocolate buttercream, covered in fondant with fondant characters.

Thanks so much Bob! I hope your lady Katie loved it! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mickey Cake & Cupcakes For Baby Isaac!

Jacob contacted COCO CAKE with a request for his little cutie Isaac's 1st birthday party: Mickey Mouse themed cake and matching Mickey and Minnie cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla. I think my Mickey cake turned out pretty cute-- kind of Steamboat Willie era Mickey Mouse, vintage-look! I went with red and white stripey liners and a general red and white theme (I was thinking of Mickey's red party pants).

Happy Birthday Isaac!! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pomy & Kathy Wedding Cuteness

It turned out to be a gorgeous, perfectly sunny day for Pomy and Kathy's May wedding day! What great colors and flavours they chose - cool and modern. Kathy and Pomy wanted Coconut Dream (coconut cupcakes with vanilla creamcheese frosting and toasted coconut), dark chocolate ganache cupcakes with monogrammed fondant toppers and Brown Velour cupcakes with chocolate creamcheese frosting... yum... all in dark brown and a teal green colour... I madea a simple 7 inch chocolate cutting cake with chocolate creamcheese frosting covered in fondant, with a special flag using art paper and vintage rub-off lettering Letraset.

An email from Kathy after the wedding confirmed that all was enjoyed:

"Thank you SO much for the cupcakes they were FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Happy happy matrimony Pomy and Kathy!

xo Lyndsay

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Sweet Cynthia phoned me about a month ago with a hilarious request: make a giant, "80's tight and bright" themed fish made out of cupcakes for her boyfriend's 30th birthday 80's themed bash. Let me tell ya, Cynthia and her crew know how to party-- Cynthia rented out a little bar in North Vancouver and ordered not only the fish cupcakes cake (from here on to be known as FishMan) but also matching clownfish cupcakes in the adorable "Nemo" style.

Coco Cake had yet to make a FishMan, and even though I was already swamped over that particular weekend with orders, I just couldn't say no to FishMan. FishMan ended up being pretty big-- RichMan and I delivered FishMan to his final destination, where FishMan no doubt partied it up with the rest of the 80s party-goers dancing to the live band and drinking... like a Fish.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Man. 16 was a looong time ago for Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.Sung. Halve my current age and you won't get to 16. Close, but not quite. When I turned 16, my sisters and parents threw me a surprise party. I likened myself as someone pretty hard to trick back when I was 16 and too smarty pants for words (classique teenaged Twilight style) but they all tricked me prettttty pretttty good! My party was at a now-defunct place on West Broadway here in Vancouver called the Bel-Air Cafe. Pretty sure it was a milkshake and burgers-type place, my favourite kind of spot. Tons of my friends were there and walking in and seeing everyone and hearing SURPRISE was just about the weirdest thing-- so surreal! Definitely thought I was dreaming. So long ago, yet not so long ago... sigh. Anyhoo...

For Moneeka's 16th birthday, sis Maneesha contacted me to make a custom stand and hot fuschia pink buttercream and chocolate buttercream topped vanilla cupcakes in black liners for her younger sis. I thought everything turned out beautifully and I just love the contrast of the hot fuschia pink and black! Happy 16th Birthday to Moneeka, and her older sis Maneesha (found out from her dad that it was her birthday too)! Thanks again for your order!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unicorns Know How To Part-ay

Cute! Unicorn and pony themed cupcakes for cute little Megan's farm-themed birthday! All part of last weekend's descent into cake madness for busy as a beaver Coco Cake!

Mom Winnie had wonderful things to say about the cupcakes:

"The cupcakes were so cute! They were awesome! The kids all had a blast with eating the ponies, unicorns and the grass of their cupcakes. Some kids ate the whole thing (wow!) and many parents complimented on the yummy cake! I ate Megan's cake portion of her cupcake (chocolate) and it was great! Not too sweet and perfectly fluffy!"

Hooray! Happy Birthday Megan! :)