Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Lovely Fall Wedding Day... with Coco Cake!

For my good friend Miko's fall wedding on a sunday Thanksgiving afternoon, the pressure was on to devise the cutest of cupcakes for the cutest of gals. Miko has great style and taste-- (I got to see her wedding dress a few weeks ago, a silvery grey Vera Wang cocktail dress with a navy blue empress waistline band, and shiny burgundy open toed heels!)--thus the cupcakes would have to meet her high-adorability standards!

After a taste test, the requested cupcakes were coconut with raspberry jam filling and vanilla creamcheese frosting, and for cupcake flavour number two, dark chocolate with chocolate ganache buttercream! The weekend was spent preparing: I diligently and lovingly made fondant flower cut-outs in pink, blue and fuschia, adding silver dragees and white circle candies as centers, while my husband Rich polished away the tarnish on our collection of vintage silver platters. It was very cute to see him madly polishing-- there certainly is magic when the dark tarnish gives away to the brightest silver! Ingredients were laid out, cupcake liners were placed in muffin tins and the baking marathon began. A virtual kitchen explosion later and 120 cupcakes were baked, cooled, frosted, decorated and placed carefully in the most amazing of baking contraptions, the Cupcake Courier!

The wedding was beautiful-- fall colored flowers, a beautiful bride, handsome groom and a room full of love for them both. And... the cupcakes were a huge hit! I also made a mini chocolate cake covered with poured ganache and fuschia pink fondant flowers, and a homemade announcement flag! I was very pleased with how everything tasted and turned out. It was a special gift to a lovely couple.

What a day! And a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my auntie's topped off the evening. Good night!


Snooky doodle said...

pretty cupcakes. Congratulations to the newly wed :)

Lyndsay, Rich, Jeff said...

I can't believe what an amazing job you did on those cupcakes. You've sure come a long way from Mr. Chippits!

Cakespy said...

Cupcakes as pretty as the fashionable bride!!

lyndsay said...

thanks for the nice notes snookydoodle and cakespy! and rich, i'm gonna make Mr.chipits live again this christmas... ! watch out!!

Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

beautiful pictures...congrats to miko! by the way, where did you manage to buy the cupcake courier? here in vancouver? i want some! ~brandy