Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tokyo Banana-- Sing To Tune of "Buffalo Soldier"

In 2001 a small obsession began. This obsession began in Tokyo, Japan in a tiny hotel, staying with my sister on tatami mats. We are a Chinese family, but this particular sister Leanne is who we call the "Japanese sister" because she loves all things Japan. "Breakfast!" Leanne said one morning before we hit the streets of Tokyo.

Unwrap a pale yellow paper wrapped box that reads TOKYO BANANA, open the shiny white box that says TOKYO BANANA, unwrap the Tokyo Banana and you have a most wonderful cake treat. Sitting in its plastic tray made just for it, Tokyo Banana is a soft and moist banana-shaped sponge cake, with a very delicious creamy banana filling. It is the Twinkie of Japan, and it is a small obsession of mine. Recently I was lucky enough to receive a box of this treasure upon my parents' return from Japan. In the future I will attempt to make a version of TOKYO B in my very own kitchen. Will it ever compare?? Dare to compare...

"People gather to TOKYO from here and there with memories of their home. And then, TOKYO gets everyone's home town. TOKYO BANANA."

Ain't it the truth, Tokyo Banana packaging.

"Tokyo Banana. In the arms of Lyndsay Sung. Oh yo yo, Oh yo yo yo, Oh yo yo yo yo Tokee oh yo."


Snooky doodle said...

these look cute and delicious. Wish to make this recipe if you post it :-)

lyndsay said...

hi snookydoodle! i was thinking a spongecake style cupcake with banana cream filling might just be the answer to Tokyo Banana! i will definitely post it!

gyoza*girl said...

teehee. BREAKFAST! i love Tokyo Banana! How about those new KUROBE ones? (Choco Tokyo Banana! mmm-mmmm!). :) i love japan!