Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flags, Flags, Everywhere There's Flags

How I love the look of the adorable cupcake flag, announcing with pride the occasion of its making, bursting with celebratory paper and stick-ness, plunged into a perfect buttercream atop a delightful little cupcake. Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries-- the cupcake flag can really say it all. So I was at a certain craft megastore recently and was perusing through crazy Martha Stewart's rather insane collection of merchandise, and I saw a pack of blank flags there for EIGHT DOLLARS. Gum-doh-ahh! Too much, in Chinese! So I decided to share the not-so-difficult task of making a paper homemade flag.

1. First you need realllly cute paper. I have a collection of papers from all over, including origami, vintage letterhead and the like. Actually, any old piece of paper will do. White computer paper, wrapping paper, a piece of cardboard? Sure!

2. Next you need a stick of some sort. I've been using those shish-kabob skewers (that doesn't look like it's spelled correctly but nonetheless...) with the pointy stick end, and chopping it to the right length with craft scissors. I suppose you could use a toothpick! They're a bit short though.

3. Next you need a few pieces of double sided tape, or regular old scotch tape, or a bit of glue from a gluestick.

4. Cut your flag to your desire--traditional pennant style, rectangular with a scalloped edge, etc-- it's kind of like cutting a heart out of a folded piece of paper. Fold your paper and cut the shape.

5. Stick a piece of double sided tape on the fold and stick the stick onto the tape. Add another piece of double sided tape and adhere the two paper sides together.

6. Write a little personalized note, or leave it blank!

7. Stick into the nearest cake, cupcake or party donut! (Or cheeseburger)

The cupcakes shown here were ordered for a baby shower, for the future baby of our friends Cory and Fiona. Cute alert! Dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream in baby-ish colors. Kawaii!!


Snooky doodle said...

How cute ! :)

Cakebrain said...

Hey Lindsay,
I love your cupcakes! I too use flags. I like to run'em through the laser printer. My new thing is to use scrapbooking paper and funky stamps. It's neat that you have a site to peddle your cupcakes. (I could never quit my day job.) So you think I should visit Butter? I'll have to give it a try!