Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue And Green Should Always Be Seen

I remember when I was a kid hearing this peculiar jingle, "blue and green, should never be seen-- except for in the washing machine!" I recall being stumped over exactly what this jingle was referring to. Blue and green?? Best color combo ever! Combine the two colors together and you get one of my all-time fave color combinations, along with pink and red, red and purple, turquoise and orange, turquoise, green and purple... oh wait. I like all colors, and color combinations. My favorite colors are peacock turquoisey greeny blue and Yves Klein Blue. 

Back to life, back to reality: the wonderful Dale from Powerex once again commissioned Coco Cake (also known as: L.K.Sung) to create 230 cupcakes for the 1-Year-To-2010 Olympics celebration day, which just happened to be today, Thursday!) With two days to act fast, preparations were made, a color-specific custom cake stand was created, flour was tossed around and my little oven was in for a marathon session of hot Bikram's cupcake yoga! The result: Coco Cake Cupcakes in Lemon Love, Coco Chocolate Vanilla and Coco Vanilla in BC Hydro/2010 theme colors!! What fun...!!!

Oh yes, back to that crazy jingle-- I believe it's referring to clothing. If there's a prison for people who don't follow clothing-related warning jingles, I've got a life sentence-- I LOVE blue and green together, especially in vintage patterned dresses from the 1960s!

See you real soon,

xo Lyndsay 


The Food Librarian said...

Looks great! I love the Olympics and can't believe they are going to start in 365 days!

apparentlyjessy said...

I love the blue and green colour combo too!

gyoza*girl said...

OMG!! i love these ones L.K.Sung! blue and green are def one of my fave colour combos. and i love what they did for the 2010 branding so the colours and the event are perfect. and i love the different style of frosting you did too. ooh so good! :)

lyndsay said...

thanks everyone!! sis, i do recall your WEDDING CAKE was in these colors!!

Snooky doodle said...

I like green and blue too these cupcakes look so nice. Can I ask you what colour type you use to make that deep blue colouring ? is is powder or paste ?

lyndsay said...

hi natalie! it's wilton brand, "icing colors: concentrated paste." !