Monday, March 2, 2009

Collector, and Coco Cake!

One of my BFFs, Amy Pelletier, had a wonderful art opening of her conceptual photo show "Collector", running until March 22 at Malaspina on Granville Island in Vancouver. From the show: "Amy Pelletier examines the psychology of collectors and the compulsion of collecting through her recent body of digital prints in which images of objects from collections are layered to create strange new forms."

For a BFF's art opening and first solo show, there could never NOT be a beautiful little collection of mini Coco Cake chocolate ganache cupcakes with polka dot flags! I displayed them on my own little collection of lovingly tarnished silver trays and platters, inherited from my Grandma. Congratulations Amy! You are sooo talented and I am so lucky to have one of your amazing photos as one of my very favorites in my art collection.  


confetti said...

THANKS! The mini coco cakes were incredible and adored by all guests!

Snooky doodle said...

the cupcake with the lamb are so cute! these chocolate cupcakes look delicious :)

gyoza*girl said...

cute and shiny-iced choco coco cake cupcakes! love the polka dot flaggies too. congrats on an awesome show Amy! :) you are so talented.

Ames*One said...

Hey Lyndsay! This is Ben. I am looking at your cupcakes from all the way over in Shanghai! I stumbled across your blog, well, because your sis hyped it up! And wow! I wanna lick the chocolate off those tops so bad!..

Who knew cupcakes could be such little bites of joy?

I'm so impressed (and hungry now..)

jan said...

Wow this looks like an awesome show! And so the cupcakes look so great too!

lyndsay said...

Hi comments gang! Thank you all!

--Amy, the ribbon photo I cherish of mine will one day be a "collector's item" too!

--Natalie, if I could send one of these cupcakes to Malta without it ending up looking like a smooshed dirt ball that smelled like chocolate, I would.

--Sis! You the best!

--Ben, long time no see! Last time might've been San Francisco posing in front of the Asian Art Museum... ! Hope you're well!

--Yay Poppytalk! One of my fave daily visits!