Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Blim Art Market

Coco Cake Vanilla Bean with Vanilla Buttercream cupcakes!

Party time display! Coco Cake Cupcakes

My friend and one of many Coco Cake mascots, Party Panda:
"Please, take a card!"

Coco Cake fave Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream... !

Lisa's beautiful jewelry display! Love those hands.

Yuriko is the coolest. Her style is out of control bonkers awesome... and the work she does for Vancouver is beyond nuts. She's a local treasure and Vancouver is lucky to have her magical-ness. Not to mention she has the CUTEST KID!!! You know who else is really cool?? Lisa, the other woman who puts on the Blim Art Market! She was so nice to let me trade tables with her so my cupcakes wouldn't get bonked and it would be easier for me to replenish my display. What a city! So yes, I am referring to the monthly Blim Art Market... held this past Sunday!

So Coco Cake had a bit of a literal EXPLOSION... my oven blew up!!! It was 1:30am in the morning on Saturday night and I was humming along making some coconut cupcakes to be frosted with creamcheese frosting and freshly toasted coconut... when this crazy LAZER BRIGHT WHITE BLUE Poltergeist-y light and crazy flashing sound exploded inside my oven-- I screamed of course and my husband came running out of bed in his underwear, frantically going for the fire extinguisher!! The flames fizzled out on itself and I was left with my 1961 brown oven, and four dozen coconut cupcakes, in ruins.

So... I welcome myself to... Convection World!! I haven't gotten my new oven yet but I am looking forward to not having to flip my pans every few minutes!! Wheeee! Rest In Peace Brownie The Oven. You served me sooo well for a long, long time. 1961-2009.

Above: pics of my cupcakes on display at the Blim Art Market, as well as Lisa's amazing display of vintage jewelry... my Auntie bought me a beautiful silver bracelet from her, and I bought a gorgeous bronze bracelet from Lisa too... ! Kellarissa also played beautifully, I always love seeing her play her music.

A real blast, the Blim Art Market... !

See you soon!


Snooky doodle said...

oh poor oven. :) Well at least now you ll have a more efficient one :) All these cupcakes look nice and great display too !

The Daily Poster said...

Hi Lindsay! :) I just found your weblog today and guess what... it's my birthday in two days! How I wish I lived somewhere near you so that you could have baked me birthday cupcakes! Your blog is wonderfully delightful, keep it up!


gyoza*girl said...

awesome cute set-up at this month's BLIM market! :)

t. said...

Hi Lyndsay

I was one of the unfortunate many who came too late for your cupcakes, but i will know better for next time.

I love reading your blog! I came across this online bake shop and thought that you might like their cupcake liners. They have lots of cute vintage ones as well. Enjoy!


See you at the next blim!

lyndsay said...

hello everyone! thank you for your commentage... t, sadly i won't be in the next market due to a time conflict, but definitely go and enjoy the fusion food creations of michael tora speier and have a little look-see!