Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go Canucks Go Cake And Cupcakes!

I've written before about how NUTS my family is about the Vancouver Canucks. My mom is also nuts about BC LIONS FOOTBALL. I'm nuts about BC Lions football team colors: brown and orange. I LOVE brown and orange together! So 1970s!

For Canucks fan and birthday boy Tyler, I made a chocolate ganache filled chocolate cake covered in chocolate buttercream and blue fondant, and 1 dozen Canucks "players"! My husband Rich had the grand idea of making all the cupcakes with the numbers of Canucks top players, making them look like little hockey jerseys. Rich helped me, of course, to write down the numbers of these players, though a few months ago Rich challenged me to name five Canucks hockey players and I could name five!

Happy Birthday Tyler! Welcome to the double digits!!


Snooky doodle said...

How cute!! the boys looks very happy :)

Steph said...

Now that they're the only Canadian team left, I'm cheering for them! It was a scary game yesterday. I'm glad they pulled through!

Gorgeous cupcakes!

jan said...

go canucks!