Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Shout Out!

To my mom, (pictured with her grandson Brody) who has always supported me in all of my life's crazy choices so far, and gives me so much inspiration with her energy, kindness and generosity! ... Happy Mother's Day!! Love you lots!

To my mom-in-law, Beth-- I sure lucked out with a cool mother in law!! Others should be so lucky...

Also to my sis Leanne, who inspires me with her cool mommyhood and her awesome little guy Brody!

And to my other sis Shelley, who is due in June... whhheeeee! Can't wait!!! You're going to be an awesome (and stylish) mommy!!

And of course I can't forget my beloved Poh Poh! The crazy-coolest Grandma ever... in her Edward Chapman Ladies Shop skirt suits and Burberry trench coat... !

Also... to all my friends who are mommies... way to go!!! You're an inspiration!

For Mother's Day brunch, I made this wicked retro topped lemon curd filled lemon cake... ! I just love seeing the inside of the cake when it's cut, because they always leave me in one piece... ! It's satisfying somehow... to see the inner workings!!

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gyoza*girl said...

thanks lynds!!!! thanks for the awesome cool enormous champion letterpress card (love love it) and the yummers lemon cake. it was SO good! thanks for the post too. you're sweet!