Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fish and Chips, Cute Wedding At The Beach!

Drive about 40 minutes outside of Vancouver and you can get to so many crazy little destinations. Crescent Beach is in White Rock and it's where we would sometimes go when we were kids to go crabbing and play in the sand and eat fish and chips at the beach. There is an adorable little strip of street at the end of "Crescent Street" which has an organic cafe and grocer, ice cream shops, fish and chips shops and a few nice looking bistros. This was the setting for Hayhlee and Mitch's wedding. I met Hayhlee first at Indie I Do at my Coco Cake cupcake booth, and she was very cute and sweet! The wedding colour palette was purple and green, a great combo I thought!! Hayhlee sent me two samples of her wedding invitation to show me the colours; I ended up using the paper to make two cute little flags for her cupcakes.

Hayhlee requested mini chocolate cupcakes, some frosted with peppermint buttercream, and some frosted with creamcheese frosting-- a delicious combination! The cupcakes were on display, but were also the wedding favour, housed in little mini takeout boxes at the end of the night!

Congratulations Hayhlee and Mitch!!


Snooky doodle said...

really nice cupcakes!

Ashley Brooke said...

GREAT job! I love these cupcakes!

What tip did you use to get the little cone shape??

What a lucky bride, you did awesome as usual :)

lyndsay said...

--Thanks Natalie! :)

--Hi Ashley! Thanks for the comment-- I used an open round tip for the cone shape, applying pressure then lifting away to create the swirly top. :)

You Are My Fave said...

Oh I love these ones. The color combo is perfect and of course I love the little flags.