Friday, July 10, 2009

Handmade Nation Good Times

Yay crafty Vancouver! Last night I got to see many crafting pals and gals at the screening of Handmade Nation at the Rio Theatre, put on by the fine folks at Got Craft. Pretty inspiring film too-- hmm, I wonder if Coco Cake will ever set up a little shop? ;) Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and introduced yourself! It's great to meet some of my internet friends face to face! It's like the blind dates of the crafting world.

The pictures above: "Welcome Faythe" spells out these cute little chocolate ganache numbers! I made them extra chocolate by filling them with ganache too. I'm insane! Faythe is the vision behind Handmade Nation, and she was welcomed Vancouver-style at a crafty potluck held the night before the screening, and extra-welcomed by these cupcakers, ordered by the Got Craft peeps themselves.

The vanilla sprinkle cupcakes and raspberry topped vanilla-raspberry cupcakes I made for my Coco Cake Cupcakes table, and both sold out rather quickly at the Handmade Nation event!

Also pictured: a new pal and his cupcakes in Photobooth Vancouver's booth, and me and my number one helper, Mr. R.Trawick, in the Photobooth too! Sheesh my bangs are long. Luckily I just went for a bang trim, heh heh. And my head looks giant compared to Rich's. But upon measuring our heads last Christmas (?), we found that it's just my poufy hair that makes my head look so big!!! If we shaved our heads we'd basically be conehead twins.

Okay, lots more to come this weekend! Bye for now!


gyoza*girl said...

ooooh, i love those cupcakes. too cute! and i love that photobooth series of you and RT. :)

Lydia said...

Cute. I'm having one of those photobooths at my wedding. I was at Cupcake Camp, if I had known what you looked like I would have talked to you!

KimW said...

Lyndsay, you totally made my night (an already amazing one!) when you gave me a cupcake for my birthday. I'm not really a fan of cake, but yours was wonderfully delicious, and it was a true treat to get it all over my face at the end of such a happy birthday. Thank you!

jan said...

those are great photobooth shots - i totally missed the photobooth....hmmmm where was i? your cupcake was suuuuuper delicious! thank you! and i like your bangs! i was going to ask who does your hair! ???

; )

jan said...

and cupcake camp...what is it?

lyndsay said...

thanks sis!

--lydia, too bad! we'll meet next time!

--kim, so awesome, thanks-- and happy bday!

--jan-- my friend melissa at barbarella does my hair, she's super awesome! :) cupcake camp was more low-key than i imagined when i signed up to be a judge, but it was a neat event!-- you can check it out at