Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jonathan & Leah's Sunny Autumn Wedding!

coconut and lemon minis, chocolate cake!
Introducing... Jonathan & Leah Sims!

Ain't it great when the sun continues to stream its lovely rays in to your life, well into September? I was worried there for a while last week when I had to put a wool sweater on and JEANS, and socks even!! I was rummaging around my closet trying to find my flannel pyjamas when the summer sun knocked back on my window. I am happy it was around for Leah and Jonathan's big wedding day! When Fall really does hit, "no biggie"-- it's fun crunching around on orange leaves and baking pumpkin pies and being cozy in scarves and pea coats.

Leah had a lovely colour palette chosen for her wedding, espresso brown, cream and champagne. She also chose Coco Cake for her admiration of a "vintage" aesthetic... Perfect for me!! Cupcakes were mini Coconut Dream and mini Lemon Love, in espresso brown liners. I loved creating her cutting cake and matching flags, and especially the cake topper. I used my treasured (I'm a nerd!) craft paper collection and some vintage Letraset in a Futura font to create the topper. When I arrived at the wedding to set up, the room looked lovely, with so many gorgeous and modern flower arrangements-- Leah is a florist, after all! Sigh. I love flowers.

Congrats Leah and Jonathan!!


Brandy L said...

Wow absolutely gorgeous cupccakes and cake! :D The flavoring sounds amazing!

DollFace Delights said...

Everything came out super sweet!!

lyndsay said...

thanks brandy and dollface!! xo