Friday, October 9, 2009

Thank You!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada... so here is a big old THANK YOU to all my loyal blog readers, Coco Cake fans, Coco Cake cupcake munchers, fellow small business/art/craft friends and all the wonderful people who help me so much with my business.

Thank you to my honeybun Richie, who helps me so much with absolutely everything, whether it's Coco Cake related or not. Thank you to my amazing family, especially my dad Gerry Sung a.k.a gls82, who folds boxes, helps with my accounting, goes on coconut milk runs for me whenever I need him. And my mom, Poh poh, and super awesome sisters, and my Trawick in-laws for all of their love and support!

Thank you to all of my wonderful good friends, who constantly provide me with support and fun times, and plenty of ears for me to bounce ideas off of.

And high-five through the computer to all of my Coco Cake blog readers and fans! You're the best!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(Pictured above: Thank You cupcakes I made, ordered by Tara, for the wonderful peeps at Fjord, who got to party it up at Commodore bowling lanes and eat cupcakes!)


Stacey said...

Those are precious little gems!!!

Al in Vancouver said...

thank you Lyndsay, for making your corner of the world a little brighter!

lyndsay said...

thanks stacey!!

aww thanks al!! :)

The Daily Poster said...

:) hope you guys have the best thanks giving eva! Thank you for giving us such a fun experience here with you.

Cheers to a wonderful cupcake gal!

Batty said...

Happy Thanksgiving all the way from downunder.

Thank you for your blog - it's awesome to see what you're up to and to show glimpses of Vancouver.

Renee :)

lyndsay said...

neva and renee, thank you so much for the sweet comments!!! great to internet-meet people from so far away!!

:) lyndsay