Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scottish Animals for a 60th Birthday!

Growing up in Burnaby BC, one of my best friends in the world was my pal Kaila (now Kaleb). Endless hours of hanging out, playing sports together, lining up and going to see the premiere of Wayne's World at Station Square at Metrotown, sharing secret crushes, etc... Kaleb and I have known each other since grade 2, so when we were 7 years old... how we have changed, eh buddy??

Since high school, Kaleb and I partied it up as roommates in Victoria as we both attended school. We started a band together, put on rock shows, DJed together... all the fun stuff. Kaleb became a famous drag king, I moved back to Vancouver and before you knew it time had whizzed by and Kaleb moved to Toronto. We still have kept in touch over the years and I still consider Kaleb a dear friend even though we see each other once a year or less. Another cool thing: Kaleb's mom, Heather, shares the same birthday as my dad Gerry Sung! And it just so happened that this past December, Heather celebrated her 60th birthday and Kaleb decided to surprise her with Coco Cake cupcakes!! Hooray!!

Monkeys, dogs and cats in Scottish tams... Hee hee!! Dark chocolate cupcakes with cool peppermint buttercream, and fondant animals. I love the Scottie dog...

Happy Happy Birthday Mrs.Robertson! Today, Jan 7, is also my mom Linda's birthday-- so Happy Birthday mom!!! And Kaleb, here's to many more years of our friendship!!

Love, Lyndsay


pfefferminz tee said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your mom!
These cupcakes look so cute! I am surely going to make it for my son's birthday. He loves cute cupcakes.

lyndsay said...

hey thanks "pfefferminz" :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I like especially the red tongues!

Yuki :)

lyndsay said...

thanks a bunch yuki! i think the tongues are hilarious too.. :)