Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coco Cake Round-Up!

I'm a bit behind on my postings of recent Coco Cake work so here is a selection of some recent cuteness! Enjoy! xo

Cute crayon cupcakes for Rebah's little cutie Mayah's arty crafty 2nd birthday party!

Brown Velour cupcakes, topped with fondant discs and mini fondant crayons!

wiener time! hilarious birthday cake

Wiener time! Awesome 30th birthday cake order for Steve and Roy's birthday!
Craft art paper speech bubble I made!

"Why, hello there, mon ami!"

Another view. Wienies!

Hee-larious order from Judy, to make a likeness of her husband in cupcake form for his birthday. I got to meet him too, yes he does look like his cupcake!! :)

Percy cake! Little Wyatt's birthday request, a Percy cake! Choo choo...

"Wy not?"


cArLa said...

okay, let's just make this official... you are my favorite baker of all time... super cute!

ricebabies said...

Do you ever just sit and think...I've so much talent I should share some? lol

faithy, the baker said...

lovely lovely design and so creative too! Love your talent!

lyndsay said...

aww thanks carla!!

kellie... speak for yourself, girl! mega talent!

thanks so much faithy!! :)

cookies and cups said...

your site is beautiful! I just came across your blog and am amazed! great talent :)

Jennywenny said...

Love the crayons! I've been experimenting with different piping techniques, so I'll be searching through your website to find new ideas!

lyndsay said...

thanks so much cookies & cups!

thanks jenny!! :)