Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coco Cake October Round-up!

Eekers! So many cakes in the last while. Here is a selection of some recent Coco Cakeing here at Coco Cake HQ.

A Hello Kitty themed cake for Isabelle, sailing themed cakes for Maleah's mom's 60th birthday party, Sesame Street cuties for little Hazel, rock star themed cupcakes for Lei-Lei's birthday, and a cute Smile themed cake for Jaylyn's 10th birthday!!



Wedding Cakes Inspiration said...

Very, very beautiful cupcakes especially birthday cupcakes through the whole blog not only this post...thanks for sharing with us

lyndsay said...

thanks, wedding cakes ! &_&

B&B - amsterdamtown said...

Does that smile cake have silver braces?!? Hilarious.

lyndsay said...

it sure does, B!!! ^_^