Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy Cuteness Children's Coco Cake Round-up!

As much as I love blogging and obsessively photographing and documenting my cakes, sometimes my projects backlog and build up like Cake Mountain and threaten to spill all of their cake pixels on top of my black-haired (and flour-sprinkled) head. I have many, many cakes and cupcakes to post but in between I am making even MORE cakes and cupcakes! Do I feel like the lone Chinese Cake Elf in a Cake Factory sometimes? Why, yes! Slow down, Auntie Coco Cake!

Haha. So here is a slew of recent cakery mischief from the hands of yours truly, Coco Cake.


I think this Mario cake turned out super cute!
With matching cupcakes, for Emily's 30th birthday!

Doo doo doo doo doo doo... dooo!

"what, me worry? I'm gonna git you Bowzer!"

These were Lemon Frill flavoured cakes.

More than meets the eye for little Nathan's birthday! Chocolate!

My favourite part was the matching flags I made in red and blue stripes!

MONSTER MASH -- River's Halloween themed birthday!

Grumble grumble. Dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Uncomfortable hanging out with each other in a box. Soon to be eaten.

Pretty chocolate Princess-themed cake for sweet little Lily's birthday!

With a ruffly cake board and a pink satin ribbon too.

I LOVE THIS GUY!!! Pablo the Penguin! A Berry Good cake for Hayden's birthday. I know Pablo is a mainstream character but lookit how cute he is!

"Hmmmmm....? You don't say....?" (Pablo's curious eyebrow move)

Could he ever beat my 1980s pal Tuxedo Sam though for cutest penguin award?? Noooooo! But maybe yesssssssss in cake form!


Brandy L said...

Love these cakes! My daughter would love Pablo!

Candace said...

You are such a joy and inspiration! I love your blog!

Alanna S. said...

These are A-MaZ-ING! How could anyone cut into Pablo the Penguin's face!

Kiki Fangupo said...

absolutely LOVE the Mario cake/cupcakes!!! Super fabulous job!!!

lyndsay said...

Aww thanks Brandy!!

Thank you so much Candace!

Thanks Alanna! I know... oh it's so sad to let these cakes go sometimes...

Thanks Kiki!! Much appreciated! ^_^

Stephanie said...

These are just wonderful! I'm glad you saved them all for a post - then I could see them all at once :)

julie desmeules said...

All your cake and cupcakes are lovely! But Mario is my fav :)

lyndsay said...

thanks stephanie!!

thanks julie... mario is indeed cute!!!

Christmas Sweets said...

I love the Mario cake and the birdie too! Wow, such glorious creations. See me visiting your blog daily from now on. Wow, you're full of creativity!

lyndsay said...

thanks christmas sweets! ^_^

apparentlyjessy said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! I love every single one of these cakes/cupcakes in this post! You really have a knack for getting children's characters likeness PERFECT!

lyndsay said...

thank you so much jessy! ^_^

retro sweets said...

The transformers cakes look great! My daughter would love that princess cake too.