Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOOF! Amy's "Dogs Playing Poker" Birthday!

My little buddy! FluffPup the peanut butter frosting dog!

The party inspiration. Dogs playing poker poster.

I made dog masks out of felt for my hubby and I!

The ever-adorable birthday girl Amy,
and Coco Cake Boss as a jaunty JAZZ DOG

A slice o' fun!

Hangin' with Amy's cat Dooblevay!

One of my best friends, the crazy talented Amy P, had a "dogs playing poker" themed birthday party, based on that ridiculously amazing poster from the 1980s!! So as a surprise I made her a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and PEANUT BUTTER frosting. Extreme deliciousness alert! And... it was also vegan, as she can't eat dairy!

I tried to base the dog on the supercute little pup from the hilarious movie Best In Show. I made dog masks for Rich and I out of some leftover felt and a few spare headbands I had lying around! Et voila... maybe the scariest dog masks ever?? I tried to make them cute but really, when you cut holes out of anything and put it on your face... horror movie material!

I went for a "jaunty jazz dancer dog" look with a black and white themed outfit with white gloves... ! The last pic is of Rich and I posing with Amy's amazing fatcat Dooblevay!

Happy Birthday Amy!! Hope you have an amazing year!! xo


Nina Designs + Parties said...

So cute!

Fledi said...

I love your cakes so much! This one is so cute!
I'd love to have a cake designed by you but unfortunately I'm living in Germany so I don't think it will reach me in a good state then. :( But I will keep admiring your cakes here in your blog. :)

Alanna S. said...

So funny. Your parties look like fun!

Coco Cake Land said...

Haha. thanks everyone!

Fledi, I was in Munich this summer for a wedding... there are different kind of cakes in Germany... but so special too! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Alanna!! Yes, too much fun! :)

Sweetapolita (Rosie) said...

So cute, Lyndsay! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I also adore your work and blog--beautiful!

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks rosie!! didn't see this post til now! ^__^