Monday, February 14, 2011

Misfits Cake -- Maki Cake!

This is a sneaky thing to post on Valentines Day but it was ordered with love, and made with love and care by little old me... !

Ever-tall and ever-cool Sacha ordered this excellent cake for Maki on her birthday... ! I had to push the boundaries of my usual kawaii-cute cakeing style with this Misfits themed cake. Punk and metal isn't too far of a stretch for Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.S. I've had a rock music past, and in fact I've just started an excellent new band with my buddies Christa, Andrea and Heather! I think we'll be ready to play in 2012, heh heh.

Anyhoo... this Misfits cake's insides features vanilla cake, matcha green tea buttercream and a red bean anko filling... ! I used an exacto knife to cut the Misfits logo in white fondant and to render the "Maki" lettering. ^__^

Happy Birthday Maki! xo


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic!!

Alanna S. said...

Very Halloween! Scary!

lyndsay said...

thank you justjenn!

haha, thanks alanna... :)