Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ariana's Bunny Cake vs. Arianna the Cabbage Patch Kid

Sometimes you can just tell you have a cool kid on your hands, even if you never got to meet them in person... the moms can really say it all. Mom Sarah emailed me, requesting a bunny cake for her daughter Ariana's 4th birthday! I made it dark chocolate with vanilla buttercream and a raspberry jam filling. Ariana's fave colour is also light pink so I tried to pink it up as much as possible... Sarah was the nicest, and loved the cake. I can only hope Ariana loved it as well!

Making this bunny cake for Ariana caused this childhood memory to come flooding back to me:

Back in the 1980s, one Christmastime there was a mega massive craze for this ridiculous doll called the Cabbage Patch Kid. Whoever marketed this doll back in the day was a genius. Cabbage Patch Kids all had their own "personalities", including their own name and special official birth certificate, and, strangely, each butt of each doll was stamped with a scrawled signature of "Xavier", the creator of these dolls. Now it seems a bit Scientology to me, but back in the 1980s it was a must-have item. So anyhow I ended up with a redheaded doll named Arianna... (I originally unwrapped a brunette doll on Christmas day but my sister started crying saying she wanted the brunette... so I traded with her even though I also wanted the brunette! An early act of sisterly love...)

Arianna the Cabbage Patch Kid had dimples, close-set eyes and carrot-orange yarn braids, a little-house-on-the-prairie style dress on, and... a rock-hard plastic face. So one night I was trying to cuddle my newfound doll, bonding with it, if you will. I pulled Arianna close to me for a hug and her hard plastic head clocked me square in the nose, causing spontaneous shock and tears. Sadness! I really never bonded with my Cabbage Patch Kid after all. I think it's because the face was poorly designed ... I couldn't find it cute, and crikey it was like cuddling a rock! Shortly after though I moved on to my true love, Pound Puppies! Haha...

I wonder whatever happened to my Arianna doll? Oh well. Maybe my mom knows.

Back to the cake -- I never tire of this bunny design! I just think it's so cute and funny. I think a cute addition would be a moustache or a pair of nerd glasses... but we'll leave that for the next time someone orders a Coco Cake bunny cake! ^__^

Happy Birthday Ariana! And thanks Sarah for the fun order!


LilaVanilla said...

Such a cute cake, love it! Pound puppies used to freak me out, I think it was the rummaging around for the puppies inside the mother dog! keypers and sylvanian families were my 80's obsession :)

Coco Cake Land said...

EEKS sylvanian families SO CUTE!! and i totally remember "keypers." the theme song is trying to wrench its way back into my memory... now i have to google it... !

i agree, the "pound puppy mother" dog with the mini babies inside was weird! but i did have that one too! ^__^

Carolina said...

I love it! It's so cute... :)

Brandy L said...

Luv it! That cake is absolutely adorable!

Coco Cake Land said...

Thank you Carolina!!

Thank you Brandy!! ^__^

spontaneous-euphoria said...

VERY cute.

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