Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yee-haw! Ajay's Cowboy 1st Birthday

My moustachioed cowboy cutie cake!

Red bandana, cactus buddies with cactus flowers and cow print cupcakes!

Mini cowboy hat and brown chocolate buttercream hair!

Cupcakes view!

Cactus buddy! It's like he's wearing a corsage! I love him!

"Y'all come join me at the corral for a nice hamburger!" (that made no sense)

Cupcakes on display at the party!

Agghhh cuteness!! Stealing cookies!

Oh boy. This was an extremely adorable party! Cowboy themed! I love it! I had the pleasure of doing Ajay's baby shower when he was just a little baby... and now his first birthday! Natallie wanted cow and bandana themed cupcakes... and I thought cactus cupcakes would be super cute too, and a "cute cowboy faced" smush cake. Oh, so sad to think of my moustachioed buddy Cowboy Face getting all smushed up! Such is the life of a cake though!

Dreamgroup did an amazing job of setting up the event at the Vancouver Club, including giant fake cacti, bandanas, photo booth, bouncy castle, cowboy hats, and even an old timey popcorn machine! And of course the cowboy cake, and plenty of cupcakes for the party guests in both dark chocolate with chocolate buttercream and vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream flavours!

Happy 1st birthday to you Ajay, may you ride into the sunset on a beautiful miniature horse to a land full of toys and candy! And thanks Natallie for having Coco Cake be a part of the festivities!

xo Lyndsay


Neha said...

Cowboy has never been this cute! LOVE the cupcakes : )

karen said...

I am SO in awe of your creativity!

liz said...

so cute! and the bandana paisley! very cool.

what do you use for the cactus face and spines? ive tried using wilton food color pens but they are crap.

joebal123 said...

Wow, so glad I stumbled over your blog, you are so talented! These cakes are amazing!

Cake Fixation said...

haha.. yay! I love these!!!

Marj said...

Lyndsay, these are terrific! I love the dimple in the cowboy's chin - cute! I love the smiles on the cacti - super cute! And I LOVE the pictures of the whole set up - everything looks yummy and fun. You did a nice job on this one!

lyndsay said...

thanks Neha! ^__^

thank you karen! ^__^

thanks liz! the bandana paisley was something i was sweating over a bit but it turned out cute! i used royal icing for the white dots and edible marker for the drawing bits.

the edible markers i LOVE are the Americolor "Gourmet Writer" pens. i've tried other brands and they all are no good, they dry up, etc.. but Americolor Gourmet Writer are my favourite.

thanks joebal!

thank you Cake Fixation! ^__^

thanks so much Marj! ^__^

KayB said...

ohhh the bandana cupcake topper is brilliant!

LilaVanilla said...

Gorgeous cakes, so cute - I LOVE the cactus cupcake, adorable :)

Julie said...

The handkerchief cupcakes are so cute!

the sleepy time gal said...

out of this world. brilliant work. happy i found you.

lyndsay said...

thank you so much everyone!!! ^__^

Raddish + Rose said...