Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi! I'ved Missed You!

Hi blog readers and buddies... ! Long time no write... but it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you. I took a nice, well-needed break from Cake Land for a while. I still made quite a few cakes here and there, and I will be back making even more cakes starting in September. So what have I been up to in the past few months?

I worked at summer camp at Arts Umbrella, loving every minute of hanging out with some seriously hilarious and bright children. I performed at Vancouver's 125th Anniversary Summer Live festival with my conceptual synth pop group Guimauves at Stanley Park here in Vancouver. I celebrated the birth of yet another adorable niece - baby Piper! I love her already! I went on a wonderful sailing trip on the Sunshine Coast of Vancouver with my honeybun Rich and another fun-loving couple, Scott and Shira. And I'm still trying to enjoy what's left of a suddenly-beautiful summer in Vancouver. When the weather is right in our city, it's truly the most amazing place. Biking to the beach from my place along the seawall and going for a swim in the hot sun... barbecuing with friends in the backyard as the sun sets... fresh basil, chives and mint from the garden adorning every meal... evening basketball with buddies, getting in fitness and fun... swimming and biking and walking as much as possible...!

I've also contemplated my life in Cake Land and I think I am ready for a shift in scenery. Just a shift - definitely will still be making cakes, but cutting back somewhat. I've realized that cakemaking is solitary work, and this ol' lady needs more social time!! Plus there's so much stuff I want to do, and time seems to be slipping by into the future. I would love to have more time to fully flesh out my other blogs, Ice Cream by Coco Cake and especially the hilarious potential behind Trompe Chomp. I want to work on some videos and films, and record songs for Guimauves. I want to take a course in Carpentry... I've become very interested in houses and how they are built and designed... I want to get better at speaking (beginner!) Mandarin... I want to get more fit and join a sports team... etc, etc, etc... !

The above photos are of my cutie niece Kensie's 2nd birthday party cake and cupcakes... oh she is just the cutest and funniest little girl now. I made her a cute little ruffly pink cutting cake and raspberry vanilla cupcakes, and a special turtle flag just for her!

I hope you are all having a good summer! Stay tuned for more cakey blog updates as I upload some of the work I've been doing over the Summer! In the meantime, tell me of your adventures!

xo Lyndsay


SweetThingsTO said...

Hi Lyndsay - It's nice to see your update. Sounds like you are keeping busy and doing what you love. I heard on the radio today that Vancouver is finally getting summer weather today - enjoy! Juanita

Bretzel & Palmier said...

So great to "read" you again!


gyoza*girl said...

yay cutie kens! happy bday!