Monday, August 5, 2013

Pink Buttercream Rosette Wedding Cake

I received a lovely email a few months ago from Sandra, a follower and fan of Coco Cake Land since she saw these moustache cupcakes ... she had recently moved to Vancouver from Portugal by way of the U.K. She wanted to know if I could make her very special wedding cake, for a "pocket sized" wedding... ! She loved this pink rosette buttercream cake and wanted some special cake toppers based on a painting a friend had made her of a mama cat, baby monkey and papa bear. 

I was super jazzed on how the cake toppers turned out! It was fun sitting down to draw them and colour them in. Colouring is so satisfying and stress-reducing! I should really get some colouring books. ^__^

Thank you Sandra for the very sweet order! Very happy I was able to make a cake for you and your family. 

xo Lyndsay 


Dobby said...

looks really yum!!!!! You've just inspired my kitchen.

lyndsay said...

thanks so much dobby! :)

MiauMau said...

And what a beautifully tasty cake it was :)
People from as faraway as New Zealand and as close as the US drooled enviously over the pictures we put on facebook.
Thank you for helping us make our day even more special.

P.S: Will you be available in February? We're going to need a totoro cake :P

lyndsay said...

@miau mau - oh wonderful!! thank you for commenting and letting me know! i imagine that i will be available in february! i do love totoro!! ^__^

Lauren said...

this cake is beautiful!!! We had a buttercream cake at our wedding as well! I love the pink swirls on yours!

xo Lauren of

lyndsay said...

hi lauren! aww... lovely! thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments! :)

Diego YaƱez Garcia said...

woww, good job!! visit my page, , i think that you like :)

lyndsay said...

@diego - thank you! ^__^