Monday, September 16, 2013

Coco Cake Land, Lately - Instagram Roundup

Hello, Mister guitar playing fox! Custom hand drawn topper I made for my dear friend Miko's daughter Saya's birthday ... based on a favourite cute book of hers!

A raspberry buttercream ruffly cute cake I made for my Poh-poh's 91st birthday. Yes, my grandma is 91 years old. She told me this birthday would be her last one - that she's "too old!" but I said hang on, lady! Nine more years to go before the big 100!

Poh poh with two birthday cakes (can you tell which one I made?) surrounded by 5 out of 6 great grandchildren!

Triple colour blaster neon cupcake!


My little man waiting for his daddy to get home and getting a close look at the dog I drew on daddy's chalkboard wall.

Cute handdrawn toppers I made for a bridal shower - kitty and monkey bride and groom!

Pretty cupcake wrappers ... I thought these looked like a ruffly paper flower. From a super cute DIY project (posting soon!) I made for Poppytalk!

I offer you this cupcake on this delightful mini trophy pedestal. Reach on in to the computer and grab it! :)


Pretty in pastel... cake batter!

A party for ghosts... pastel cotton candy cute cake... post coming soon! Happy Monday, cake pals! 

How was your weekend? Hope it was great... stay tuned for this week's super cute cake Wednesday DIY and Friday recipe! 

xo Lyndsay

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