Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lee Mon Gai

Sometimes when our family goes to our usual Chinese restaurant we're not in the mood for fish and tofu on rice, or Chinese mushroom and gai lan. Sometimes we wanna go old-school Chinese-Canadian food, the kind you'd find on a plastic dish if you happened through, say, Ladysmith, British Columbia, and went to the only Chinese restaurant in town (that also sells bacon and egg breakfast for $3.99). I'm talkin' LEE MON GAI, also known as, Lemon Chicken, also known as: deep fried chicken smothered in bright yellow sweet lemon sauce. Ho-sik-lah!! Very good taste!

What does this have to do with cupcakes? Not a heck of a lot. Except for the fact that I made a very delicious batch of LEMON LOVE recently for a customer and the whole time I was making it I kept singing a little song: "LEE MON GAI, LEE MON GAI..." actually when you repeat something over and over can it really be considered a song?

So yes, let's talk about LEMON LOVE. Fragrant and perfect soft from-scratch lemon cake, topped with lemon creamcheese frosting and a sweet little accoutrement. A little bite of lemon heaven.

The other cupcake picture is of two dozen mini dark chocolates with vanilla buttercream that I made for my good friend Toni, a real decorative party-mix for her to take on her last day of class! Sorry, not the best pic because I couldn't use natural light... night-time!

The final pic is of me and my little nephew Brody at said Chinese restaurant; he is looking up at me likely because I am singing some sort of weird song.

"Lee mon gai, lee mon gai... Everybody loves to eat lee mon gai..."


Palidor said...

Haha, I don't think I've ever had the fake lemon chicken. That glowing yellow sauce reminds me of radioactive waste!

Your cupcakes look fantastic, though! :)

Snooky doodle said...

the cupcakes look so nice :)