Friday, November 28, 2008

Pink Berry Goods, And A Debate...

Did you know I also instruct Digital Arts to kids? We do fun projects such as mixed media collage, animation... all done on the computer, holy smokes. Those kids are smart, and too cute. For our last day of class, I made Berry Good for them as a treat... !

For the last two cupcakes, I decided to try making a mountain of buttercream frosting on top, just like I've seen on other cupcake proprietor's sites, and on various pics online (and in shops). I'm always looking to perfect the right balance between frosting and cake-- is Mountain 'O Frosting the way to go, I wondered?

Taste Test: both my husband and I felt it was TOO MUCH FROSTING! My goodness. All I could taste was the buttercream, while albeit delicious, I was like, where was the delicate soft and yummy blackberry/raspberry puree-swirled-in-vanilla-cake Berry Good? Where had it gone?? So, while I think a mountain of frosting all swirled up like a perfect soft-serve ice cream cone looks truly amazing, I think for ratio's sake, less could be more. Although, some people LOOOOVEE frosting and like to eat it with a spoon. Curious, curious. Nonetheless, I will continue to make my Coco Cakes with what I believe to be a splendid and pleasant ratio of frosting to cake.

Pictures are of Pink Berry Goods, and 1 insane-in-the-membrane Mountain Frosting vanilla buttercream Berry Good, and my ridiculously cute and cool Computer Arts kids with their Coco Cake cupcakes!


Palidor said...

I totally agree with you. The frosting should complement the cupcake, not overpower it.

Snooky doodle said...

Ha whata funny photo. I like the cupcake its so cute. but I agree with you it has too much buttercream which I hate.