Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Remarkable" Cupcakes & Cake!

Another great order from a cool campaign -- getting people to see the light of credit unions. My older sis Shelley has always been the most financially forward-thinking of my sisters -- putting away money all the time, saving, investing, etc... for years she badgered me to switch to a credit union from our soul-sucking bank and I finally did a few years ago and I have saved so much dough since. No pesky fees! Haha.

Anyhoo... Michelle from the Credit Unions of BC contacted good old Coco Cake HQ to make thank you cupcakey gifts for the wonderful people that developed their fun new ad campaign, "Be Remarkable." Check out the awesome stop-motion animation videos here!

The videos are hilarious... they feature farm animals, tigers, robots, pretty much anything. Michelle wanted to do a main cake and matching cupcakes, as well as cupcakes that spelled out BE REMARKABLE (which incidentally fit perfectly on 1 dozen cupcakes!)

Thanks so much for this fun order Michelle. Hope they were a hit!


{ Nina Designs } said...

BEautiful work, as always!!!

Alanna S. said...

Too cute!

justJENN said...

LOVE the animals!

lyndsay said...

Thanks Nina, Alanna, Jenn!! :)

thea said...

well of course i just about had a heart attack ;) this is visionary!



lyndsay said...

thanks thea!! ^__^