Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doggone It: Jet Pet Resort Opening & Coco Cake!

pupcake tower

What a fun order... oodles of cupcakes for the celebration opening of Jet Pet Resort, a new... yes... luxury pet hotel located in Richmond, BC! When you walk into this place it's quite surreal ... the front lobby is like a boutique hotel. Sparkling chandeliers, Juicy Couture pet-wear for sale and a plush setting. Then you walk into the main area and it's built like a film set! Faux exterior brownstones, a pet spa, a central courtyard area in the middle for dog-play, and outdoor area for exercise and fun, and many rooms for your beloved pet's comfortable overnight stays!!

Visiting Jet Pet made me miss all my pets that have long passed into Pet Heaven... or Rainbow Bridge, as some say! Our beloved family dog, Woody the boxer... my hilarious and dear little cat Coco who was with me through all my formative years, as I got her from the SPCA when I was 19! (she inspired my business name... though I have always loved the name Coco...) and more recently, our sweet fatcat ChubChub. I am sad I no longer have any pets of my own but we hope to get another pet one day in the future... !

For Jet Pet, I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in red and white striped liners, with grey, white and black accents including grey and white FUR buttercream! Many thanks go out to Lisa, Cate and Cam for having Coco Cake as a part of the fun... and all the very best to the success of Jet Pet! :)


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Lyndsay for all of your efforts and for being a part of our Media & VIP Grand Opening Event!!
You attention to detail with regards to our logo colors, flags on the cupcakes, and your superior product were most appreciated!
I will recommend Coco Cakes at every opportunity, and hope to work with you in the future.
I also didn't realize your history with pets --certainly of your cat Coco. This must have been a special order indeed!
By the way, this is a LOVELY picture of my very own dog, Buddy(black with the white chest!)
Take care , let me know if you ever open up a storefront!

Shannon said...

Holy. Cow. That is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen! :D

karen said...


Your cakes have definitely inspired me and taken my hobby to a new level. When I get a chance, I'll email you the cakes I've made for a cake walk and a couple of birthdays, inspired by your designs. Of course, I could never do what you do because you have a real knack that is unique to you, as the customer above notes. But I am totally inspired and have indicated where my ideas came from ... (As someone who works/ed in graphic design and publishing, I've long recognised that in your cakes ...)

Congrats on a terrific product line!

Mallory said...

These are fantastic (per usual)! The grey ones look remarkably like my dog Pepper. So cute. Cuter than the actual dog, though.... Pepper's a little too shaggy and wild looking right now, haha

Alanna S. said...

A hotel for dogs! Very neat and I love the doggy cupcakes!

Nina Designs + Parties said...

So cute! I want to make the big cake for my dog's 4th bday!

fajas said...

Ohh my, those cupcakes just look too cute for eating. Soo cuute!

Coco Cake Land said...

Lisa -- Buddy is such a sweet and friendly dog! Thanks again!! :)

Thanks Darlin!

Karen, thanks for the comment... please do email me! :)

eeks Mallory!! adorable... Pepper!?? awww!

thanks Alanna...

thanks Nina...

thanks fajas!

Linds said...


Just out of curiosity, where did you get your lovely cupcake stand, I really want one!

All the best, another cupcake girl from Canada,


Coco Cake Land said...

hi lindsay! send me a message at