Friday, November 5, 2010

Jeanie & Ian!

damask tower with dark red rosette cupcakes!

cupcake tower!

Ian and Jeanie in Scotland!
Gazing at their wedding cupcake tower in Vancouver! (heehee)


Bahh bahh black sheep!! I like these little guys' shocked faces.
This photo is pure beauty and a half, times infinity. Can't you just hear the grass "shushing" and the wind blowing as they run through this field? Jeanie's dress is amazing too.

I've known Jeanie for quite a few years now, through our mutual involvement with the Powell Street Festival, then through the wonderful Vancouver wedding industry -- her with her amazing photography skills, and me with my crazy cake-ing! So it was quite flattering and sweet when Jeanie asked me if I would make cupcakes for her Vancouver wedding reception. Jeanie and Ian tied the knot in a castle in Scotland... yes, it's true!! Check out those gorgeous photos Jeanie's brother took of them above. Dreamsville.

Jeanie and Ian then had their wedding reception here in Vancouver at Ironworks, and the lovely hard-working ladies at Dreamgroup performed the task of making this "cabaret-themed sexy red and black " party come to life!

Jeanie is the sweetest person... and so detail-oriented and cool... she writes her cheques with an old fashioned typewriter, in fact! And lovely typewriter-written notes. These are the types of details I can also appreciate! Her vision for the cupcakes was a dark sexy red rosette with black liners, as well as elegant and dramatic black special cupcake wrappers! She is also thoughtful -- she wanted to have some kid-themed cupcakes for the kiddies in attendance too. I made dark chocolate cupcakes with dark red vanilla buttercream rosettes, and dark chocolate buttercream. I loved how the kid's cupcakes turned out -- sheep "bahhhing", very "Scotland"! It was all displayed on a damask stand provided by the Dreamgroup girls.

Happy Happy Matrimony to Jeanie and Ian... an amazing couple with a lifetime of happiness ahead of them!

xo Lyndsay

(photos of Jeanie and Ian by Jeff Ow. Cupcake photos by Tracey Heppner.)


Alanna S. said...

Love the stand! Sexy theme!

SweetThingsTO said...

Fabulous cupcake tower to match the theme!

lyndsay said...

Thanks Alanna!

Thanks Juanita! ^_^

Vancouver said...

Unbelievable. I've never seen so many creative designs for cupcakes.

It's tough to pick a favorite, but I think the ones with the faces. Not the plain faces, but the spiky faces, if you know what I mean.

My second favorite would probably be the Crazy Cuteness Childrens Coco Cake Round-up. Maybe :-) It's kind of a tossup with the roses.

Since I am in Vancouver, I will be visiting you. Your cupcakes are low calorie, aren't they? Anything that looks that good must be good for me!

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