Monday, November 8, 2010

Graydon's Guitar Party!

Sweet and adorable Graydon turned two years old... remember his Where The Wild Things Are party from last year? This year his mom Samantha told me his current obsession was his play guitar - he takes it everywhere and anywhere! She sent me pictures of the guitar for me to study! So here it is... Coco Cake's first guitar cake!

Custom flags I made for Graydon's party. Cute!

Little guitar toppers to match the main cake!

Large cake, regular cupcakes AND minis! Something for everyone!


Guitar neck... "Graydon"-brand!

Cake and cupcakes

With flags!

A+ for cuteness, Graydon!

Mini matching cupcakes too!

and a pic of the original -- "DingDing" !!

Happy Birthday Graydon, ya cutie! Keep on rockin' in the free world! And thanks again Sam for the great order.

Lyndsay :)


Jenniffer said...

This cake is SO cute! You do excellent work!

Coco Cake Land said...

Thank you so much Jenniffer! ^_^

Nina Designs + Parties said...

So cute!

SweetThingsTO said...

Utter cuteness!

Stephanie said...

This is a really great cake. The clean lines and bright colors almost make it look like a toy one would want to play with!

Alanna S. said...

Amazing! You captured the toy exactly!

Coco Cake Land said...

Thank you kindly, blog readers and blog buddies! ^_^

retro sweets said...

My 3 year old son fancies having a guitar these days. So, I have to hunt down a ukulele this Saturday. Meanwhile, I'm going to print your guitar creation and post it in front of his bed. I think he'll like this one. It's so colorful! :)