Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kelli-Lou, Happy Birthday To You!

It's a true joy in my Coco Cakey heart when I get to make some special delights for the wonderful people in my life! Kelli-Lou is the awesome mom to my dear friend Sharon and her two sisters Kim and Jillian... the three of 'em are ahhhdorable in every way and they remind me of me and my two sisters and how much we love each other and like hanging out while still getting annoyed with each other sometimes but we're sisters so that's that.

Kelli hit the big 'n beautiful 60 this past weekend and Sharon asked me to make some pretty floral cupcakes for her mum! I also found this awesome vintage wrapping paper in the bottom of my craft paper box (I forgot I bought it off Ebay a few years ago when I had what I like to call my "Ebay problem") so I made some darn-tootin'-cute flags out of it! Sharon and her lovely sisters are all vegan, so the cupcakes were deliciously vegan! Egg and dairy free! I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in two styles: yellow roses and pink rosettes!

I was told there was a wicked young people vs. older people Charades game played at the party, as well as birthday cheer, laughs galore and plenty of glasses of wine down the hatch! Sounds like a truly fun birthday bash.

Happy happy birthday dear Kelli!

xo Lyndsay


Maaike said...

Ow, these cakes are lovely... And great background story ;-)

Alanna S. said...

So pretty! The photo's look 'vintage' as well!

lyndsay said...

Thank you Maiike!

Thanks Alanna!

Anonymous said...

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emily said...

Those topper from the vintage paper are to die for! So pretty with the rosey cupcakes!

Mel said...

These cupcakes are gorgeous! What tip do you use to make the pretty rosettes?

I have only just discovered your blog and will definitely be back - it is fabulous!

apparentlyjessy said...

I do LOVE those vintage style toppers, they go perfectly with the rose cupcakes!

lyndsay said...

thanks amy, emily, mel and jessy!

mel, please do come back to visit!

jessy, definitely something that would complement your vintage style! ^_^