Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cute Bon Voyage Cake

Bon voyage, mon amour! Je t'aime toujours!

J'ai fabriqué cette gateau pour Norah. C'etait chocolat!

My French kind of stinks these days. I hardly ever use it. But Canada is bilingual, everyone. Je suis bilingue!! We study French in school! I could order poutine in Montreal at least. And I was able to order breakfast in Belgium, and ask for the leftovers to go... although the response I got from the server when I asked in a round-about way in my weird French about taking my leftovers was: "Oh, you mean doggy bag?"

Question to my international blog reader friends:

What do other people in other countries call "leftovers" or "to-go" or "doggy bags"??

On a cakey note, yes, I made this Bon Voyage cake for Norah for her friend Eman. I modeled the cake board and flag after the adorable stripes on an "airmail" envelope. I love stripes! That plane is headed East to Montreal, Quebec!!


Snooky doodle said...

Hi here in Malta we call them left overs however doggy bag is used sometimes too. cute cake!

Anonymous said...

Here in New Zealand we use all three of those! It depends on what kind of restaurant you are in.

Super cute cake. I recently tried to cover a very high round cake in fodant. First my fondant was too thick and ripped at the top. I managed to save most of it and roll it out again but ended up having one ugly side where the fondant bunched a little bit. Managed to cover it in decoration but man oh man it was stressfull!

SweetThingsTO said...

Utterly cute! love the color palette!

Neha said...

LOVE the stripes! Such a cute cake : )

designjr said...

in Scotland we'd use any of one of these. Cute cake, as always! :)

Jello said...

awesome cake! can this plane take me with to montreal as well? where i'm from? didn't think so but it sure looks yummy!!!

Lisa said...

Lovely cake! Here in Sweden we also use "doggy bag" although it's in English *S*

Maaike said...

haha, it is not very common in Holland to ask for a doggy bag, the portions are just smaller here. But left overs we call 'restjes' and doggy bag, that word we just copied :-).

Love, Maaike

Katie Yoon said...

super cute like always!

lyndsay said...

Oh awesome!

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

So hilarious that "doggy bag" is universal, sort of!

Kat-du-GPK said...

Hello !

ton français n'est pas si mal... (your french is not so bad !)

Except "cette gâteau" (we say, "ce gâteau" ) and " c'est chocolat" for "c'est au chocolat",i must say congrats from a french girl (je dois dire bravo, de la part d'une française) !

I just love your cakes.
J'adore tes gâteaux !

bye !

Catherine (aka Kat)

Coco Cake Land said...

haha! catherine, i love it! thank so much! ^__^