Monday, May 2, 2011

Pony Express! Choo Choo!

Adorable Kate wanted a pony cake this year for her birthday... and a pony cake it was! A giant brown pony in fact, nestled in some cool blades of green grass amongst pretty little flowers, plus matching pink and purple buttercream rosette-topped cupcakes!

I never was a pony or horsey girl when I was a kid. I was more into being a tomboy and trying to like cars to impress my dad. I was actually kind of scared of horses when I was a kid... they were so big! I imagined them chomping my hand with their huge white teeth if I tried to feed them a carrot. In fact I've only ridden a horse one time in my life - on a trip to Mexico when I was 15. My butt was so sore for days afterward from all that bouncing around! Nowadays I think horses and ponies alike are cute. Especially... MINI HORSES!

I really love the equestrian look though. Tailored clothing, tall fancy leather boots, jaunty riding hats and long hair as silky as a horse's ever-brushed mane.

Happy Birthday Kate! Hope you had the most delightul, pony-filled dreamy party!


KayB said...

oh man! I need to get myself one of those grass-making piping tips! absolutly amazing, and the colour is spot on. Great work!

Alanna S. said...

So cute!

DesperateHousewife said...

Wow! The grass icing is amazing!

Anonymous said...

may I know what tip you used for the rose swirl on the cupcake? :)