Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ginormous Cupcake!

It's a biggie. I wonder how many it would feed? I'm thinking 15 people. Or 1 super hungry maniac. Digging in with forks... oh man that's a lot of cake and frosting! I made this for a little cutie baby named Kai - and for a "smash cake" photoshoot for his 1st birthday! I can't wait to see the pictures. The ever-amazing Jeanie Ow took the photos and I just know they will be bonkers cute!! I will post some when I receive them!

I love the idea of the giant cupcake. So pop art, so surreal. Inherently comical!

This ginamo dynamo cupcake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream, a whackload of rainbow sprinkles and a big old fondant red cherry on top! Oh, giant cupcake. Sorry you got the daylights smashed out of ya!!

On another note: HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all those supermoms out there!! I will do a belated mother's day post in a few days... just as soon as I serve up the cake I made for it! ^__^


Jan | Poppytalk said...

how fun!

lyndsay said...

Thank you Jan! ^__^

Dawn said...

Hi, I make these alot in England - they are great aren't they?! I always say that they feed about 16 people.

Lara said...

I made one myself a few weeks ago, they're so fun! It fed many people but yea, don't know exactly how many. My biggest problem is the outside getting pretty you have that same result? And I've tried lower temps for longer time, well as different ratios in the pans.

Lyndsay said...

hi dawn! they are pretty great! 16 people sounds right to me! i should test one by slicing it up... ^__^

hi lara - i've found it does get quite brown but mine's never gotten crispy per se - i do 350 degrees and check it after 30 minutes. i find i used the same amount of batter i would use for 2 dozen cupcakes. i have placed foil on the top mid-bake though to minimize super browning the tops of it!