Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Bird Is The Word - Penguin Cake, Owl Cake

Penguin or owl - which would you rather be? Huddled in Arctic cold, waddling about with a ripping icy sheet wind blasting straight at your beak, but diving and gliding through water gorging on squid like a hot knife through ice cream? Or... burrowed in a tall tree, the night is your freedom, soaring wings through night air, glaring down at a scurrying mouse which will soon be a raw feast of fur and flesh in your talons?

Or... penguin faced cake with a TEDDY BEAR AND TWO OTHER MINI PENGUINS SITTING ON YOUR HEAD. This was the cutest request ever from my little buddies Kai and Xian- last year I made their birthday cakes - they wanted to order a special birthday cake (with the help of their mom Corrine, of course!) for their Dad! So sweet and so cute.

And... an owl cake for Maddy's birthday, ordered by her mom Miranda! I loved doing both of these cakes... both chocolate with fondant decorations. Bird cuteness all around.

I think I would choose to be a penguin, stone cold chilling on a block of ice with a crew of buddies eating sashimi. Or wait, would I rather be an owl, moving swiftly and surely from tree to tree in the night sky, eating mouse carpaccio??

Thanks Corrine and Miranda for the fun orders!

xo Lyndsay


IFeelCook said...

Such lovely cakes!!!

SweetThingsTO said...

What fun cakes! Love them

dia said...

I am always so amazed by your cakes!
this is definitely my style.
clean, simple and cute!

Melissa said...

Those are fantastic! I especially love how the little bear is just happily hanging out with the penguins and not trying to eat them :-)

Neha said...

I vote penguin, too : ) But your owl is really fun!

lyndsay said...

@I Feel Cakes, thank you!

@Juanita, thanks so much!

@Dia, thank you!! ^__^

@Melissa- haha! totally. the little buddies on top of his head are based on the Kai and Xian's stuffed animals!

@Neha - thanks!! ^__^

Marj said...

Cute. cute. cute! I do love the penguin, but my vote has to go to the adorable pink owl. He has such personality! Good job on these, Lyndsay